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5 Ways I’m Praying for My Daughter as She Goes Off to School

A few weeks ago Raeca began kindergarten. This is the first time that she will be away from us for fairly large portions of the day on a regular basis. I am excited for her, she is enjoying it, but I also find myself wondering how her day is going while I am going throughout my day.

At the beginning of the school year I decided to make sure we say a quick (but meaningful) prayer before we head out the door to walk to the bus, it’s only been a few weeks but it’s become a routine that we enjoy.

I pray in more depth on my own but these are the things I find myself praying for when we pray together at the beginning of the day:


This goes both ways, I pray that Raeca will be kind to those around her, and also that they will be kind to her. Unfortunately sometimes kids can be mean (or they don’t intend to be but my sensitive girl thinks they are), so I like to make sure I put emphasis on her being kind to others as well.


As a teacher myself, I know teachers can use a lot of prayer. 🙂 For patience, endurance, wisdom, and whatever else comes to my mind.


I pray for her friendships, that she will make good friendships and also be a good friend.


For her safety to and from school, as well as at school.


That she will learn what is being taught, that she will grow as a friend and as a person.

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