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An Alternative to Going Completely No Shampoo

Welcome to my new simple living series! This truly is a result of my living a life of less posts but I kind of hesitate to call this one a series because I feel like my whole life is becoming more simple living (and therefore nearly all my posts should fit in this category), but it’s my goal to make the posts in this series more educational with tips and tricks, beauty recipes, cleaning recipes, etc.

So, on to my first beauty tip/recipe . . .

At the start of the year I went two months without using shampoo. In the end I found I was not satisfied enough with the results to continue with that method. My major complaint with the baking soda/vinegar method is that the baking soda was making my hair feel stiff and waxy.

But I knew that I didn’t want to go back to regular shampoo and conditioner so I did a bit of a compromise. I bought a silicone free shampoo (I use this one) and still continue to use the vinegar as a conditioner replacement. It’s a compromise that is better for my hair and the cheapness of the vinegar conditioner helps to balance out the expense of the silicone free shampoo.

For the vinegar conditioner I mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a spray bottle with one cup of water, then after shampooing I spray the conditioner all over my hair except the roots (I found if I sprayed the roots my hair felt very greasy). I then let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it out. I only use about a fifth of the water/vinegar mixture per time, so once I mix it together it lasts me for awhile.

If you are wondering about the smell of the vinegar, yes, it smells a little when you spray it into your hair, but once it dries the smell is absolutely gone. Trust me, I’ve made Jared smell my hair and tell me if I smelled like vinegar (he says I don’t).

With this method I’ve found that my hair feels soft and smooth; which is exactly what I was missing before.

If you don’t want to go completely off of shampoo and conditioner or if you want to transition that way in smaller steps I would suggest you try going this route!

One day I would like to find a more natural replacement for my shampoo that works for me but until then I am very happy with this method.

I would love it if you would share your hair washing tips with me!
What do you use?
Have you used vinegar as a conditioner before?


  1. In Due Time July 24, 2014

    Oh my! I don’t think I could ever do this! My hair is oily after one day! I have tried SO many non-sulfate, non-chemical etc etc shampoos, but none of them work 🙁 Glad you have found something that works for you!

    • Oh that sucks. Have you tried to slowly lengthen the time between washes? From what I have heard (and seen in my own hair) is that the more you wash your hair the more oil it produces, so it needs to slowly learn to stop producing so much. Whenever my hair gets too oily I use my DIY dry shampoo, it usually helps to get me through another day.

  2. Natasha Red July 24, 2014

    I’ve been on the same journey! Transitioning all our personal care products one by one. I actually shared our new lotion recipe yesterday, haha. I haven’t found a good shampoo alternative either. we went back to regular shampoo and do an ACV rinse for conditioner. Haven’t tried baking soda because I’ve heard similar stories to yours. When we went no-poo we used a mixture with Castile soap and I felt if left my hair greasy as well. Even after waiting several months for a “transition” period.

    • Well, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one in this boat! If you find a shampoo alternative definitely let me know!

  3. Katie Cook July 24, 2014

    So, not sure if you guys have Trader Joes in Canada, but they have a shampoo and conditioner (Tea Tree Tingle) that is completely toxin and parabin free, that uses a lot of natural essential oils, etc. I’ve been using it for about a year and love it! The best part, it’s only like $4 a bottle!

    • That sounds so amazing! Unfortunately we don’t have Trader Joes 🙁 Maybe we need to make another trip out to Cali . . .

  4. Susannah July 24, 2014

    I’ve wanted to try to go no-poo and this seems like a great way to step into the game! 🙂

  5. Chelsea July 24, 2014

    I’ve switched to that type of shampoo and noticed a difference almost immediately! Love how my hair feels now!

  6. Caitlin July 25, 2014

    Love hearing about your follow-up to the no shampoo method. I’ve been dabbling with it, but my hair is so long + damaged from years of coloring it that I have a hard time with that tangled/dry feeling from the baking soda. I’ve heard some people are using honey as the shampoo, but I’m iffy about that! I’m going to look into the silicone-free shampoo you recommended… thanks!

    • Hmm yeah, with years worth of damage that might complicate things, but hopefully the silicone free shampoo will work better!

  7. naturalfood July 27, 2014

    I really needed this post! Our blog get’s minimal comments, but we have a good number of
    subscribers which baffles me. herbs heath I’m doing all of these things except actually asking for comments… interesting! We’ll see if that helps… thanks!

  8. Kim Fernando July 29, 2014

    Interesting! I switched to Whole Foods brand shampoo and conditioner when it first came out, because I needed a chemical free version and it used to only be $2.99. Now I use Nature’s Gate, because my husband likes it more. But I’d be interested in going completely DIY and natural if I could find one that worked well. I’m considering giving the conditioner alternative a try! How oftend do you find you have to wash your hair now?

    • In the summer I wash every other day, I don’t think I would need to but I find it easier to style my hair when it’s cleaner. In the winter I was washing it every 3-4 days.

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