This has been filling up my head and heart lately:

(the awesome background photo for my countdown is via BringLove.In)

Lately I’ve been working on getting baggage figured out (all those dimensions just about put me over the edge). Plus we’ve been having some stress with needles -long story short, Raeca got a needle a week earlier than she was supposed to so she had to get some blood work done to see if the needles were effective or if she needs to get some over again. Then they also messed up when we went for blood work and didn’t get enough . . . I’m trying to be patient and understanding but sometimes it is so hard. So far the blood work that has come back has been good news, though we are still waiting to hear about the results for yellow fever.

If you are interested in helping us out with the trip at all, we are collecting donations to be used in the orphanage as well as the classroom, if you have any of these items that you would like to donate please let me know!

• Bible story books or other books with lots of pictures or simple reading level (grade one or two)
• National Geographic magazines in good condition or other wildlife or travel or sports magazines
• games (such as UNO, Sorry, playing cards, Go Fish, Connect 4, etc.)
• any soccer cleats or shorts in good condition (The boys range in age between about 10 to 16 so a variety of sizes)
• regular sneakers that are still in good condition and might fit a boy between the age of 10 – 16.
• sticky tack for putting up things on the wall
• posters for the wall of either sports figures or animals or Bible posters or anything else that is good.
• craft supplies (such as crayons, construction paper, drawing books, glitter glue, glue sticks, pencils, etc)
• pony beads
• used digital cameras and memory cards with charger –if we can get a few donations from people who get new cameras for Christmas, we can teach a photography class; if they can take quality pictures they can start making cards to sell

We would like all donations to be in by January 22 so we can figure out how to pack it all into our suitcases!

I just did the math today, on our way to Uganda it will be 26 hours of travel (flights and layovers, but doesn’t include getting to the airport hours early) and then 24 hours of travel on the way home. All with a little girl that will be 16 months at the time and doesn’t like to sleep in strange places. It will be an adventure. We truly covet your prayers.

with love,