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The Saskatchewan Sky

One of my favorite things about Saskatchewan is just how incredible the sky is (hugely in part to our flat landscape). Watching the sun rise and set and the cloud formations always reminds me about how powerful and creative God really is.

I just wanted to share a few recent shots. Follow me on Instagram to see the latest. 🙂

What is your favorite thing about where you live?


  1. meg pitts July 9, 2014

    Beautiful photos!! That last one looks a little like those post apocalyptic movies! Can you tell we watch too many??

  2. Chelsea July 9, 2014

    So so pretty! What a gorgeous place.

  3. Ursula July 9, 2014

    Chantel these are stunning. The skies really are beautiful. Where I live I love the canola fields. They just bloomed and the fields are all bright yellow. I can’t wait to take my camera around 🙂

    • Oh awesome! I love canola fields. I’ve only seen one or two here so far but more should be blooming soon! Do you have flax fields around you at all? They bloom with the purple/blue flowers, I always love those too.

  4. Britt @ One&20 July 9, 2014

    Wow! Gorgeous!

  5. In Due Time July 9, 2014


  6. Kim Fernando July 9, 2014

    Beautiful! My favorite thing honestly is escaping the city and heading to the country nearby. But I’m also grateful for the entrepreneurship and creativity happening in NYC.

    • For sure! I’ve never been to NYC but from what I’ve seen you can have both extremes (city and country) within shortish distances, so that’s pretty cool!

  7. esther julee July 9, 2014

    Beautiful! Love sky gazing!

  8. Finley July 9, 2014

    wowee!! The gradient in the sky is so stunning!!!
    Favourite thing would have to be a lovely stretch of park that runs along a river near us – perfect for afternoon walks with the hubby!

  9. Victoria July 14, 2014

    Gorgeous pictures!!! I just love the sky and the way that it’s constantly changing. 🙂

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