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Uncluttering My Soul

I heard this phrase, uncluttering your soul, awhile ago and just had to write it down. If you’ve been around me for a little while you’ll probably find out pretty quickly that one of my goals is to live more simply.

While I do believe simple living is Biblical, the whole reason I started on this journey was because I found it personally necessary. Too much stuff makes me feel anxious, and I find it is getting worse the older I get (or is it worse as my children acquire more stuff?. As a child and teenager I lived in a very messy room (sorry, Mom) and it didn’t really bother me much, but now I find I just can’t handle too much stuff.

I’ve focused a lot on getting rid of visual clutter (though I find there is always more that I can get rid of) and schedule clutter, I like to have white space on my walls (literally) and white space on my calendar. I need days and evening with absolutely nothing planned or I get drained too quickly.

What I haven’t focused on very much is inner clutter, clutter in my soul. There is part of me that likes having a number of things going on at one time (this blog, my other blog, a side photography business, plus being a wife, mother and friend, oh and the whole, starting to homeschool thing) but there is part of me that gets overwhelmed with the fact that my to-do list is never ending (why do my children ask to be fed every single day? why do I have so many -probably crazy- ideas I want to implement? why doesn’t the laundry wash and fold itself?).

Some days I wake up and imagine I have zero things that need to get done that day, I think about the things I would choose to do if I had complete control over my day, and do you know, most of it is actually the stuff I would be doing anyway (except this crazy cooking thing, can someone please hire us a chef?). I know the things I find enjoyable; reading, writing, taking pictures, hanging out with the people I love, exploring new places and I get to do most of that every day (I know, I’m crazy blessed) but sometimes I still put too many things on my plate and my head feels like it’s going to explode and there is no longer room for creativity in my life.

“Clutter keeps us from being creative.”
Clutter Free Academy podcast episode #192

This summer I’ll be doing a little uncluttering to make room for some other projects I have on my heart. I am removing the expectation I set on myself to post on here once a week to use that writing time to various other (writing) projects. I am spending less time on social media and more time engaging with those I love. I am spending less time tackling the to-do list and more time just living life. It’s going to be a great summer.

How can you unclutter your soul this summer?


  1. Abbie July 1, 2016

    I always find you echoing my heart in clear, careful lines. Thank you for sharing this, Chantel! I am excited to hear about what you are working toward.

    • Chantel July 1, 2016

      Thanks, Abbie! <3

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