• Tips for Raising a Highly Sensitive Child

    Raising a Highly Sensitive Child – Tips To Help You Get Through

    Earlier this year, among my stacks of library books, I found a gem; The Highly Sensitive Child  by Elaine Aron. It was just prior to this that I made aware that the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), was actually a true term with real research behind it. The more I began to read about HSP’s the more the light bulbs began to go off in my head. I was completely reading about myself and my daughter. In case you do not know, a Highly Sensitive Person, (can also be termed as having Sensory Processing Sensitivity), is not necessarily a person who is highly emotional but those who are keenly aware of all that is going on around…


    Grace Upon Grace

    I thought parenting was going to reveal my strengths, never realizing that God had ordained it to reveal my weaknesses. Some days parenting is tough. That quote above ^ hits the nail right on the head. Lately I’ve had feelings of failure, when I hear my kids’ bad attitudes I know what I am actually hearing is echos of my own heart and attitude. I’ve been realizing my own need for grace. We need days of failure because they help humble us, and through them we can see how God’s grace is poured out on the humble. I mess up, I get frustrated and yet my children still love me.…

  • Tips on Raising a Gluten Free Child

    On Raising a Gluten Free Child

    It’s been a few months now since Raeca has joined Jared on the gluten free band wagon. I know I shared at the beginning of the summer that we were testing her for Celiac since it is hereditary and she was displaying some of the classic symptoms for it, but I don’t think I ever shared the results. A few days after getting the test done the doctor called to tell us that she tested negative. While some would think that would be a good diagnosis I was kind of disappointed* because I knew that gluten was indeed affecting her in a negative way and now we had no real “proof”…


    Planting Seeds

    A couple of weeks ago Raeca planted wildflowers in a couple of little pots and while we were sitting on the deck doing the planting I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of seeds I am planting now. Am I planting seeds of encouragement, forgiveness and love or impatience, anger and fear? I know from experience that the seeds I plant are going to result in what grows. If I plant anger, anger will spring up. Not even just in Raeca, but my own life as well. Bitterness and jealousy verses grace and compassion. Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Those who…


    so I never forget

    This blanket. Her constant companion, her go-to when she’s sick. It’s one of those things I think I will remember forever (because honestly, it drives me crazy right now how much she thinks she needs it). But I know one day she will give it up and I’ll soon forget how much she loved it. I’ll forget how she has a favorite corner (aptly nicknamed “Cornie”) and how she holds that corner up to her nose and sucks her thumb. I’ll forget that prior to our trip to Uganda two years ago I knew I couldn’t ask her to fly across the world without her precious blanket so I cut…


    who is really throwing the tantrum?

    Last week I shared some of the verses I am praying for Raeca -thank you to everyone for sharing verses/virtues you are praying for your own children. As I’ve been finding more verses to pray over Raeca I’ve been thinking about how I don’t want these to just be verses that I am praying for her but I would love for them to be a visual reminder so I’ve been working on some prints I can add to her room. And I figured while I am making them I may as well throw them up in the shop as instant digital downloads as well. I have ordered some prints and…