the best Mother’s Day gift ever

    I probably should have bought stock in this company years ago but a few Christmases ago (is ‘Christmases’ a word/how you spell that? I’m too lazy to look it up) Jared bought me a gift that has changed my life. And I’ve gone on to tell so many people about it and I know many people have purchased it because of me. Are you ready for this life changer? It’s a Shiatzu back and neck massager. If you suffer from tension headaches (or the mother in your life you need to buy a gift for does), this is what you need. I’m honestly using this thing as I type out…

  • Goal Check-in: Quarter one

    goal check-in: quarter one

    Since the first quarter of the year is over I thought it would be a good time to check in with the goals that I set at the beginning of the year. I know some goals are going much better than others, maybe this will give me the push I need to get going with them, or the okay to cross a few off. Let’s see how I am doing . . . PERSONAL GOALS write 200 poems – uhhhh, I think I’ve written six, so, definitely not doing so well here! self publish a poetry book – see above, this may not happen. whiten my teeth – I did…

  • LIFE

    currently: MARCH 2023

    One of my goals for this year was to go back to old school blogging here. When I was printing my goals out I originally added the word “weekly” to this goal but I quickly realized that that isn’t old schooling blogging. Old school blogging is writing what you want, when you want. So, that’s what I’m doing today. Plus, what screams old school blogging more than a good old fashioned “currently” post?! There’s a lot going on in life right now and these are a fun little brain dump. Here’s my March 2023 currently . . . reading: so many different things, it’s kind of my thing. But a…

  • Classics TBR List

    50 Classics I Want to Read Before I Die

    A couple of years ago I made myself a list of 50 classic books I want to read before I die. There’s a variety of reasons I want to read these books and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to enjoy all of them but the list has been made. Anyway, I just wanted to create a place where this list can be downloaded for anyone else who is interested. Download it here!

  • Instagram Break - playing games

    taking an Instagram break

    Last week I suddenly decided I needed to take a little break from Instagram. I was just feeling hamster wheel-ish inside, so Wednesday afternoon I decided Friday would be my last day on for two weeks and I instantly felt lighter. It’s funny because I didn’t even do anything actually different other than decide to do something different and it had such a major effect. In the past when I’ve taken breaks from Instagram they’ve usually been about a month or longer so two weeks is relatively short but I’m hoping it will give me some time to rest, get some other things done and break some habits I had…

  • LIFE

    2022 favorites

    In the last year I have enjoyed sporadically making lists of favorites (only one of which is documented on this blog, the others were elsewhere). For 2023 I want to share either monthly or seasonal lists of favorites but first I think we need to recap my favorites from 2022. It’s a short but very random list. ONE First of all, I started 2022 off well: with a juicer! I couldn’t even tell you the exact one I have off hand. I just know it was one that had decent reviews on Amazon and I bought it when it was on sale. Living somewhere where there isn’t much for good…