• Instagram Break - playing games

    taking an Instagram break

    Last week I suddenly decided I needed to take a little break from Instagram. I was just feeling hamster wheel-ish inside, so Wednesday afternoon I decided Friday would be my last day on for two weeks and I instantly felt lighter. It’s funny because I didn’t even do anything actually different other than decide to do something different and it had such a major effect. In the past when I’ve taken breaks from Instagram they’ve usually been about a month or longer so two weeks is relatively short but I’m hoping it will give me some time to rest, get some other things done and break some habits I had…

  • LIFE

    2022 favorites

    In the last year I have enjoyed sporadically making lists of favorites (only one of which is documented on this blog, the others were elsewhere). For 2023 I want to share either monthly or seasonal lists of favorites but first I think we need to recap my favorites from 2022. It’s a short but very random list. ONE First of all, I started 2022 off well: with a juicer! I couldn’t even tell you the exact one I have off hand. I just know it was one that had decent reviews on Amazon and I bought it when it was on sale. Living somewhere where there isn’t much for good…

  • 2023 Goals

    all my goals for 2023

    We are officially over halfway through January and I’m just now getting to this post. (Maybe one of my goals for the year should be to write this post earlier.) I had wanted to write this post earlier (as well as a few others) but with R2 and BB8 unexpectedly stay at our place for ten days I am still feeling a little behind. So, even though this post is later than I wanted, I still want to write it so I can have this to refer back on. Plus, sharing the goals helps me want to achieve them a bit more. I like to make my goals a mix…


    current ebook DEALS

    Every now and then I like to get sucked into Amazon’s ebook deals (despite not really being an e-reader myself). I thought I would share the ones that jumped out at me with you, I’ve even organized them by genre! Here are a few I found that seem interesting and are currently on sale (usually they are about $1.99 but some are even cheaper): MYSTERY & SUSPENSE THE LINE BETWEEN I really enjoyed this book, it’s the book that got me interested in cult books. When Wynter Roth finally escapes from New Earth, a self-contained doomsday cult on the American prairie, she emerges into a world poised on the brink…

  • Intentional Homeschooling Winter Reading Challenge for Kids

    Intentional Homeschooling Kids Winter Reading Challenge

    I’ve been wanting to create a kids reading challenge for the last few months and winter seems like the perfect time! Read on for the details . . . Who: this challenge is for kids (parents can join in if they want, but only kids can enter the giveaway) What: I think we’ve already established that this is a reading challenge . . . When: January 15th – February 15th, 2023 Where: wherever you live! But you can come here to enter the giveaway. How: download and print off the BINGO board below and do the challenge! Then come back here whenever your kids have gotten a BINGO to enter…


    social services definition of “the weekend”

    Just before New Year’s I shared that R2 and BB8 were over. We had gotten a call that they needed a place to stay for “the weekend” and in true social services form, “the weekend” means ten days. I think a few of us are surprised it ended up only being ten day though. A week ago I got a call saying it would be at least until the end of the week but there was a possibility that they would officially be going into foster care again but we’d know more in a few days. A few days later I got a call saying they would be picked up…