• 2023 Goals

    all my goals for 2023

    We are officially over halfway through January and I’m just now getting to this post. (Maybe one of my goals for the year should be to write this post earlier.) I had wanted to write this post earlier (as well as a few others) but with R2 and BB8 unexpectedly stay at our place for ten days I am still feeling a little behind. So, even though this post is later than I wanted, I still want to write it so I can have this to refer back on. Plus, sharing the goals helps me want to achieve them a bit more. I like to make my goals a mix…

  • 2022 goal recap

    a little 2022 recap

    Well, here we are at the beginning of 2023 so I figured I should pop in with a little recap of 2022 before I go completely into 2023 goal sharing mode. FOSTER CARE Here’s how 2022 went: If you want to see our full foster care timeline it’s available here. MY 2022 ONE LITTLE WORD My word for 2022 was joy. I didn’t write a post about my word or my goals for the year but I did make a video here. It can be hard to evaluate how a word went for the year but I do think 2022 was a much more joyful year than 2021. GOALS I…

  • New Year - New Things!

    the beginning of 2023 goal setting

    I love the time between Christmas and New Years, it’s when I go hard on goal setting. But apparently I’ve started a little earlier this year because it’s not even Christmas and I feel like I have most of my goals for the year figured out. I’m not going to be sharing most of them today but just wanted to pop in and say that I will be back to using this space on a regular basis and it will be my main/only blog going forward! I’m not really sure who I am telling this because I haven’t used it much so there aren’t many people on the site these…


    Reading Goals Printables

    For the last few years I’ve been setting some reading goals for myself. This last year I wanted to track my goals better so I created some printables and it was really good to have that visual reminder of the goals I had set! I had a request to share the printables I made, hence this post . . .     I did just recently do a recap of how my ten reading goals went from last year, you can check out that video here:     Also, if you like books and book-ish things, I would love for you to follow me on Instagram and/or YouTube!   Two…