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my word for 2023 (aka the year that is almost over)

This week I’ve been doing what I tend to do every November, and that is start thinking about my one little word for next year.

If you’ve never heard of one little word before, it’s pretty much just a theme for the year. It’s obviously in the name that it’s supposed to be one word but I sometimes stretch it into a phrase or longer.

Anyway, as I have started thinking about my word for 2024 (and maybe know it already?), I realized I never posted my 2023 word here!

I like this space to be able to refer back to my previous words, I’ve been blogging about them (almost every year) since 2011, these are my previous words:

That all being said, my word for 2023 has been trust. I mentioned it in yesterday’s video when I shared that we have a big move coming up and I knew that a lot needed to fall into place in 2023 and there were some big things I needed to trust God for.

I’ll try to come back in January and share a wrap up of how my year of trust went!

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