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2016: My One Little Word

With Christmas just over a week away and the year close to coming to a close I’ve been thinking of my one little word for 2016. 2015 was the year of hospitality, do for 2014, 2013 was the year of serve, create & celebrate were 2012’s words, and my first year, 2011, I had move & pray.

I know many people who think (and have voiced their opinions) that the one little word for the year is a pointless fad, maybe it is for some but I know for myself, these past 5 years that I’ve been choosing a word (or two) I’ve had much more clarity and a stronger vision for my year. It might not be for everyone but it works for me. I find it works much better for me than setting new years resolutions, this way I have a little word or phrase I can quickly and easily think about through the year.

Each year I’ve felt as though God puts these words on my heart, it’s as though He is pointing out the areas in my life that He wants me to grow in.

I started thinking and praying about 2016’s word about a month ago and despite it being right in front of me it didn’t really hit me until this last week. The word is one I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and has been showing up in my journal for the past few months:


In this next year I want to be an encourage those around me, both online and offline.


I’d love to hear if you have a word for 2016, leave me message below.

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  1. I’m so excited for Water & Light and to be a part of it! This past year was really the first year that I felt like God put a specific word on my heart. It was “better.” And one night driving back to Alabama from TN at Christmastime, I had all of 2015 laid out in three different sections, four months to a section and there was something specific to “better” in each. It came to me all at once, I believe it was the Lord showing me specific areas of my life he wanted me to turn over to him, to let him make “better.” Every thing on the list may have not gotten accomplished, but the Lord did work in some way in each of those areas. I haven’t nailed down my 2016 word, but we still have nine days for the Lord to reveal something. 🙂

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