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Twenty-Nine Things

Here it is, the last year of my twenties! As usual I’ve got a few things I’d like to accomplish this year (you can also check out my lists for twenty-six, twenty-seven and twenty-eight).

I love this quote I came across in a Dee Henderson book a few months back and it really hit home:

“she doesn’t waste her life.
she just lives it.”

Living life is what I’m aiming for.

On to the list for this year:

1. get professional family photos done
2. order photo books for 2013, 2014 & South Africa
3. decorate our master bedroom (and get a new bed since Jared broke ours)
4. continue our now-annual summer camping tradition
5. document my grandparent’s stories (like actually write them down)
6. get some photos with Raeca and some horses (her obsession)
7. also on that note, get some photos with Ephraim and trucks/tractors (his obsession)
8. start saving for Europe (next year are both of our 30th birthdays and 10th wedding anniversary!)
9. put more effort into celebrations/events/occasions
10. go on five more day (or longer) trips around Saskatchewan
11. buy that elusive globe (ha, this is from last year’s list)
12. go canoeing or kayaking
13. buy an old school popcorn popper for the movie area I want to create (I’ve got my eye on this popper)
14. get some drawings into my nature journal (and some watercolor too)
15. run at least one workshop (hopefully more)
16. start a tradition of having my family over for one Sunday lunch a month
17. homeschool myself (I’ve realized I know absolutely nothing about history, so I’d like to improve this)
18. have supper with at least five of our neighbors
19. learn to freehand draw a map of the world (using the technique mentioned in The Core)
20. plant an apple tree
21. work on my hand lettering (I mentioned in my twenty-eight update but I’ve been going through this free series)
22. read twelve classics
23. read five missionary biographies (Jim Elliot and George Muller for sure, any other recommendations?)
24. start photographing some children and families again (knowing what I enjoy photographing and sticking to it is huge for me, the more I enjoy what I do, the better the photos are win-win for everyone)
25. start a podcast (so many ideas, so many little time!)
26. have a table at a craft show
27. do afterschooling with Raeca through kindergarten (similar to how we are now)
28. participate in the 31 days writing challenge in October (blogging every day for a month)
29. don’t let my marriage get pushed to the back burner just because things are good and life is busy, aka be more intentional about getting out on some dates!

I am excited for this year! Bring on twenty-nine!

If you make an annual list I’d love to know some of the items on yours.
Is there anything on  my list that you can help me complete?

twenty nine

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  1. Wow you have a big year next year for sure and a trip for Europe that’s awesome!
    Your list has me thinking of things I need to start doing and your picture Book one I love that idea

    1. Thanks Finley! I’ve done the photobook for a few years and love it when it’s done but always procrastinate the actual making and ordering of the book . . .

  2. What a great list!! Good luck to you on getting them all done! It sounds like it will be an amazing year if so full of amazing memories!

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