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twenty-eight things

Next week marks my twenty-eighth birthday. As has been my tradition for the last few years, I’ve written a list of twenty-eight things I would like to accomplish this year. You can also check out last years list of twenty-seven things and my list of twenty-six things. I’ll be posting an update to let you know how I did on the twenty-seven things later next week, and if you are curious how the year of being twenty-six was for me you can see my final update for that one.

My list of twenty-eight things:

  1. travel to South Africa and complete our adoption (please, please, please let this happen!)
  2. have professional photos taken of our family of four (or five)
  3. move –somewhere, anywhere (I thrive in change, and kinda love moving)
  4. start something I’ve dubbed the hospitality project – more on that to come in the weeks ahead
  5. get my 2013 photobook printed – you can see the previous three years here
  6. go on a three month spending freeze – I have no idea if I could actually do this
  7. go camping
  8. run a 5K – I’m signed up for the Color Me Rad in September
  9. photograph my grandparents and document some of their stories
  10. register for a bloggers conference or The Beloved Society’s glampout
  11. photograph at least one dessert/meal/food item a month
  12. start growing my own herbs again, and actually use them
  13. find a place to start volunteering again
  14. eat more real food
  15. teach Raeca all her letter sounds
  16. go on at least six dates with Jared
  17. go to Europe – okay, totally throwing this one out there, it won’t happen but one has to dream, right?
  18. make some amazing gluten free bread or buns
  19. get a clear idea of what I want this space to look like and be about and write it down
  20. buy Raeca an amazing birthday cake this year, for her the birthday is all about the cake
  21. eat more meals outside
  22. get a globe
  23. go on five day/weekend trips around Saskatchewan
  24. decorate our master bedroom
  25. take a class
  26. write another ebook
  27. set a profit goal for the blog to help with the adoption costs
  28. keep dreaming

P.S. I have just started to use my Facebook page for the blog again, come on over and join the fun!

Do you make goal lists every year?
What are the top one or two things you would like
to accomplish/have happen in the next year?