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Twenty-Seven Things – Final Update

Since I shared my list of twenty-eight things last week that I want to accomplish when I’m twenty-eight, today I wanted to share the recap on how my list of twenty-seven things went.

First off, at this time last year life looked a lot different. All the adoption doors we knew of were closed in our face (but one opened up a few months later), so I was imagining life would look a lot different than it actually has.

  1. travel to Africa again or a new country – nope, but we did go to California again
  2. do 27 of my Pinterest pinsI didn’t keep a tally but I’m sure I did at least that  many
  3. take a blog rest every seven weeks – I started and did it a few times and then realized that taking breaks made me want to blog less, the more I blog the more I want to and the more ideas I have, seems strange, but whatever works!
  4. send some happy mail each month – oh boy, I started, sent a couple and then stopped
  5. keep dreamingI keep this on my list every year, it’s an easy one to cross off, my dreams are so different now than they were a year ago
  6. buy fair trade more oftenI’ve definitely done a bit more of this
  7. buy ten house plants and keep five alive – um, I’ve only got a pot of succulents and an aloe vera plant left, not surprising
  8. make blessing bags to keep in the van and giveaway when needed – nope, and no excuses either
  9. make some lunches to take downtown and give away – same as above
  10. tutor some elementary students – nope
  11. make forts with Raecawe’ve made a few!
  12. teach Rae preschool – no, not really but we’ve done some school-ish activities
  13. sew a quiltyes! a cute chevron guy, check him out here
  14. start or get involved in a social enterprise – hmm, nope
  15. go on a weekend getaway with Jared – we totally had one planned but he was sick over that weekend, so no again
  16. sew an article of clothing for myself – I did!
  17. create a reading corner in Raeca’s room – we had one for a while but it all changed now
  18. do a month of crossfit – ha, what was I thinking?! no.
  19. “run” 10K – nope
  20. go on a picnic with my little familywe had one with my parents and brother when we went to Fort Carlton last summer
  21. photograph each of my grandparents, and Jared’s grandpa too – no, but it’s on my list for this year!
  22. continuing writing monthly letters to Raeca – unfortunately I haven’t been too consistent with this
  23. meet an online friend – yes! I meet an Instagram friend and a couple of blogger friends!
  24. take riskswe started with our fourth adoption agency, I’d count that as risky
  25. get back into my morning prayer routine – some days are better than others
  26. pray for the entire world – nope
  27. teach an art classI’ve taught quite a few photography workshops

For a grand total of 11/27 – that’s a pretty awful total. For my twenty-six things I was able to complete 21/26. But like I mentioned in the beginning, some of it really had to do with having completely different expectations for the year (aka the adoption on hold) but after a few months things completely changed (hello adoption agency #4!). Hopefully I can do a lot better for my list of twenty-eight things. I actually plan on keeping you updated through the year this year, so maybe that will help.


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