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Saskatchewan’s Lighthouse | Cochin, Saskatchewan

For my birthday last week my wish was to go on a little day trip and see a place in Saskatchewan that I’d never been. I chose Cochin, to see Saskatchewan’s only lighthouse. If you know anything about Saskatchewan, you know we are a land locked province, so the idea of a lighthouse is kind of . . . pointless. This one was built in the village of Cochin as a tourist attraction, and while it is nowhere near the ocean, it is right between two lakes; Jackfish Lake and Murray Lake.

We were lucky that last Wednesday was also really the first warm day we’ve had here all year and it was a beautiful drive out to Cochin.

I’m excited to already be already accomplishing something off of my list of twenty-eight things!

Photos are from my phone, Samsung Note 3 and camera, Canon 5D Mark II with the 35mm f/1.4 lens.

Is there a local place around you that you’ve never been
but would like to visit sometime?

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