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Another Day at the Lake | Waskesiu, Saskatchewan

Last weekend we went to our third lake of the summer (only 99,997 more to go to hit up all the ones in the province), and I’m getting closer to completing #23 on my list of twenty-eight things.

We went to the lake with Jared’s family to celebrate both of his sisters’ birthdays. The weather was not the greatest, it was warmn but extremely windy (a cold wind) but thankfully we were able to claim a gazebo in a sheltered area so we didn’t notice the wind except for a few gusts here and there.

Jared and I call Waskesiu the Banff of Saskatchewan. It’s a touristy little town that is busy in the summer and pretty much shuts down in the winter.

this huge wheat is only about 20 minutes from our house and I thought it would be hilarious to stop on the way to the lake to get a photo with my gluten freers and their nemesis.
they didn’t think it was very funny.
(also, now that I’ve started taking photos of random large things, I want to keep doing it)

excuse the dots from my bug-ified windshield

it was so windy she decided to use her dress as a sweater

We arrived before the rest of the family so we walked around the town a little and checked out the Grey Owl Museum.

A little Saskatchewan history for you: Grey Owl was born in September 1888 in England. His real name was Archibald Belaney and adopted the First Nations lifestyle as an adult. He became well known as a conservationist and author and shared about humans’ negative impact on the environment and animals. After his death many tried to discredit him when it was shared that he was not First Nations by blood, but the value of his work stood. Grey Owl wrote his three most popular books when he was living in a cabin not too far from Waskesiu Lake. (thanks to Wikipedia for that knowledge)

I love that she has so many cousins to play with

We’ve been to Waskesiu for three summers in a row now (last year and 2012 were with my extended family), it’s not a place we would choose to go to (remember, it’s touristy with lots of people and we are introverts), but it’s a nice place to come to with a group.

Is there a place in your province/state that you return to year after year?

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  1. What a fun little museum/home to explore! I love being able to virtually visit all of these cool places in Canada when my wallet won’t allow for an actual trip. Very interesting that people tried to discredit Grey Owl as a First Nations member. The history behind homes/stories/lives is always so interesting!

  2. Oh wow, your photos are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to visit Canada and your posts is definitely making me feel even more strongly about it!

  3. Port Elgin and MacGregor Point PP in Ontario 🙂 I love it there!!
    we drove through SK on our way to Calgary last summer… it’s so wide and open and beautiful 🙂

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