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A Weekend in Edmonton

An alternative title for this post was: the trip where I forgot to pack my toothbrush and my purse.

Honestly, I’m the worst at packing. On different trips I’ve forgotten: deodorant, make up, my flat iron, phone charger and now my toothbrush and purse (writing that down it appears as though personal hygiene isn’t something I think about a lot, I promise I’m cleaner than it sounds!).

Hygiene aside, this last weekend found us on a spontaneous road trip that we’d been planning for awhile.

Makes no sense, right?

We’d been planning on going to Edmonton for awhile, a long while, originally we planned to go the weekend of Jared’s birthday (May 31st), of last year. So this trip was over a year in coming.

We planned on going this weekend but were both feeling like something would come up that would prevent us from being able to make it, thankfully that didn’t happen. We booked our hotel the night before we left and that’s all the planning we did.

We left Friday morning and drove the 5-ish hours there without a hitch. We did stop in Vegreville to see the world’s largest Pysanka (which Google tells me is a Ukranian Easter Egg), I’ve always seen photos of the egg but never gone in person, so we made the little stop. I think it would be a cool family tradition to stop every time we are out that way.

Our weekend was pretty casual, we spent most of it just walking up and down West Edmonton Mall, but it was the getaway that we needed.

THE egg


how can she get so tired when she was either carried or pushed in the stroller the whole time?

on the ferris wheel at galaxyland

making herself at home at Ikea

arriving home to rain

Now tell me, are you a good packer or do you pack like me?
If you are a good one, please tell me your secrets!
(And if you are a bad one let me know so I don’t feel so alone in this!)