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Living a Life of Less | Some Inspiration

I’ve been loving sharing this series with you and my own personal journey to live a life of less. I have a vision in my head of where I am striving to be, I’m definitely not there yet but I’m working towards it and I think that’s what matters. Today I thought it would be fun to share some ladies that I follow online that I find really inspirational as I try to live a life of less. I follow all of these ladies on Instagram and most of their blogs as well.

I’ve found that some of the criteria I’ve unconsciously put on people I follow on Instagram are: a) mothers b) homeschoolers c) eating real food d) growing their own food e) living in small spaces f) take gorgeous photos. Most of these ladies don’t fit into everyone of those categories, but definitely most of them. I think it should be obvious, but in case it’s not, all photos under their names are from their Instagram feeds, go and follow these inspiring ladies, you won’t be disappointed!


A homeschooling mom living in SoCal Kristin’s life always looks so adorable. I love the cozy corner they have decorated in their backyard, it would perfect for The Hospitality Project. Watching the photos of her girls together always makes me secretly (and apparently, not-so-secretly) hope we get referred a girl. Also, obviously I adore her guitar wall, it’s what inspired us to do the same last year. Other things I love about her: their home is only about 800 sq ft, if I remember correctly, so they make sure to keep their stuff to a minimum, oh and they have a chicken, enough said.



Drea’s feed is always popping with bright colors and patterns, I’m not 100% sure I could live with all the patterns she has going on (I may be a little too OCD) but I love looking at photos of them! It has inspired me to look for some patterned cloth napkins and placemats though, I’ll start slow. 🙂 Her daughter, Marlowe, is adorable and the same age as Raeca, and I love how they keep her toys to a minimum and don’t let the house fill with a bunch of useless items. She is currently writing a cookbook, it’s a plant-based cookbook and I’m already adding it to my mental wishlist if for no other reason than to look at her photos! My favorite post of hers is How to Have A Great Life Without Spending a Lot of Money, so many great ideas in there! Oh, and they also have an amazing outdoor space as well, I love their raised garden beds and their entertaining space.



Carissa’s husband recently went back to school which resulted in them moving to a 650 sq ft apartment. I can’t imagine living in such a small space with two children and yet I’d love to try! She home schools her children and takes them outside a lot (how long can you really stay inside a tiny apartment?). She has some great posts on her blog about downsizing and living with less.



Ashley Ann is inspiration on so many levels, I’ve been following her for years and she never fails to surprise me. With five children (and homeschooling the school aged ones) it never ceases to amaze me how much she gets done in a day! Her family is currently on a month long road trip with their trailer, which they’ve so nicely redone.

find Ashley Ann: INSTAGRAM | BLOG


First of all, Joy’s children are probably the most adorably dressed children ever. I’m sure if I ever tried to dress Raeca up in vintage dresses it would be a comical sight, but her girls can pull it off well! Between homeschooling and travelling all over the US while photographing weddings and families and teaching photography workshops there is never a dull moment on her feed. Last year they sold most of their possessions and travelled the US in their trailer for the year, I’m pretty sure Jared is concerned that I will have us doing the same if I keep following her (he has legitimate reason to be concerned, I think it sounds like fun).



Mary Beth is the creator of #theeverydayproject a hashtag I use all.the.time. If you ever need to find some people to follow on Instagram just start searching through that tag. I love how she gets her children involved in cooking and following along with all of their adventures. Her journey has been such a beautiful one to follow.

find Mary Beth: INSTAGRAM | BLOG

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Is there any one on social media who inspires you to live more simply?

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  1. Your blog was suggested to me via Bloglovin’… and I’m so glad it was!! Looking forward to following along. Have enjoyed perusing through your latest posts and particularly enjoyed this one! I’m new to Ashley Ann and Mary Beth, and already follow the other 4!

  2. Love this whole series you have written. We have just committed to no tv/computer at all after supper for the kids. Already loving it.

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