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Humura - Home for Ugandan Street Boys

uganda {humura – part one}

The ministry we went to help out with in Uganda was Humura Homes, which is under Victory Community Care Services.

On November 5, 2011 two homes were opened in Bubaare, Uganda. They were created for teen boys who were living on the streets of Kabale as place to live, go to school and most importantly, learn about Jesus. These boys were on the streets for a variety of different reasons, I will be sharing many of their stories over the next few weeks.

The homes were nameless until a couple of days after we arrived. Pastor Edward came over to Tyler and Michelle’s house one evening and started going over words in Ruchiga (the local language) with good meanings. He came up with Humura which means lifted up and dusted off, which is exactly what has been done for these boys and really, what Jesus has done for all of us.

Humura is currently running with 14 boys and two house parents. They have two duplexes, one is being used for the homes and the other one is being used for a school and library. Once they have the boys settled they plan on bringing more boys in, they have room for up to 32.

This one is currently used for the homes:

And this one is the school & library:

As of right now most of the boys are attending school with the children from the Akanyijuka homes (more on that to come) but there were a couple of the boys that were being taught at the home because they had been caught smoking marijuana too many times and there was a fear that if they were to go to school they would just run to town and get in trouble instead.

The funny thing is, these boys would play with Raeca and were so nice to us, it was almost hard to imagine the lives they came from.

The view looking out into the valley from Humura, just a glimpse into the beauty of Uganda:

with love,

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