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Recently Enjoyed Things – South Africa

I thought I’d take some time today to show you some random snippets of photos from our time here.

Durban, South Africathis photo is pretty cool because this is the original but since my photos auto back up to Google+ and sometimes it takes photos that have multiple shots and finds the best smiles from each and combines them into one photo, it’s like lazy man’s Photoshop!

Durban, South AfricaRae always thinks it’s bright out
this photo is funny but I love it

Durban, South Africatime in the pool

Palmiet River Lodge, South Africajust the gorgeous place we are at

Palmiet River Lodge, South Africamore pool time

South Africa Adoption
daddy’s girl

South Africa Adoptionpassport photo!

Palmiet River Lodge, South Africaso this is our awesome shower, there is a grate over top but no glass
I’ve literally showered in the rain multiple times

Palmiet River Lodge, South Africaseeing monkeys on a nearly daily basis doesn’t get old
they like to run across the roof of our B&B

South Africa Adoptionjust my little cutie

uShaka, Durban, South Africawe spent a day at the uShaka aquarium with all the other Canadian adoptive families that are out right now (there are 3 others)
it was a great outing for our whole family,
Rae loved that there were a bunch of kids for her to play with

uShaka, Durban, South Africasea turtle!

uShaka, Durban, South Africajellies 🙂
always makes me think of Nemo

Beach, Durban, South Africabeach front

uShaka - Durban, South AfricaI love these two so much!

Palmiet River Lodge, South Africaa walk around

Westville, South Africajail or post office?
hint: it’s the latter.

Westville, South Africajust our nearly-daily grocery shopping trip
check out Jared’s perspective here

South Africa

I went shopping with the other adoptive moms and Emma convinced me to buy this dress
I’m still feeling a little uncertain about the orange

South Africa Adoptionoh, just hanging out at KFC because they have a little play area

Westville, South Africa

this Usborne princess sticker book as been an amazing activity for Raeca
we’ll definitely be getting some more of these!

Monkey - Westville, South Africamonkey crossing

Westville, South Africaher and this gate . . . she thinks she is the one who opens and closes it
“aber cadaber”

South Africa Adoptionnaptime 🙂

** I totally got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Drea from Oh Dear Drea, it’s a fun little way to show a bunch of photos that would otherwise not get shared here. I definitely think I’ll be doing this again.

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  1. Monkeys are a big problem where I’m from! I stay as far away from them as possible, haha! Love seeing these photos of the family united!

  2. So many lovely photos. The B&B looks wonderful. What a pool! I just worked out we’ll be about 140km from Durban this weekend. So crazy! Enjoy the rest of your time in South Africa!

    1. Oh that makes me so sad! We are going to be SOOOO close! I’ll be praying for safe travels for you!

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