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Okay, I promise I’m still alive! What a crazy two weeks it’s been! Just a little rundown of what I’ve been up to:

Photo sessions, photo sessions, photo sessions! I’ve done about a dozen photo sessions in the last two weeks and have been keeping up with editing so that means I’ve gone through thousands upon thousands of photos. I found a cool little spot to use as a location that also kept us sheltered on some of the windy days (with the exception of one insanely windy day where we had to find a different spot). Most of the families that I photographed were complete strangers and I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people in our community. I even had someone send me a message that couldn’t make it for one of the days I was taking pictures but they still wanted to donate towards our adoption -how amazing.

This last week I also had my first days back at work for the school year. I’ve got a few more subbing days lined up for this month which helps out with the adoption fund but I always find that the day after I’ve worked are extra difficult ones with Raeca -more tantrums and whining and less listening. Which usually results in me being exhausted and cranky. Any other mothers out there find this happens to their children when they leave them for the day?

This week was also Raeca’s third birthday, she is now “free”. We had a couple of evenings of parties with family, lots of sugar and presents. 🙂

We’ve also done some adoption paperwork. We got our digital fingerprints and criminal record checks all updated, our new passports arrived, a bunch of stuff notarized and as of right now we are just waiting to get the results of the fingerprints in the mail (I’m hoping they are in there today) and then tomorrow we do our homestudy update with our social worker and then we are (once again) done our paperwork! I am a touch nervous about how Raeca will do during the homestudy update. Last time we met with our social worker Rae was only 18 months old, now she is three and never stops talking (seriously, she even talks in her sleep), who knows what kind of stuff she will be talking about. 🙂

With the completion of the paperwork we will need to send another large cheque to the agency. As of right now we are about $2500 short but I’ve been amazed at how quickly the money has come in so far and I’m sure the balance for this payment will as well.

That’s the short version of what we’ve been up to lately.

We would love some prayers as we meet with our social worker tomorrow and get our paperwork sent off!

with love,

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  1. That is so exciting! We loved Alyssa’s newborn photos so I am sure everyone will live their photos as well. Praying the adoption steps go well.

  2. That’s so great to hear how it’s all working out! Our girls get like that after time apart, so I try to have some relaxed, cozy time together as soon as possible. I’ll be praying that the home study will go great! Hugs xoxo

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