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off and away!

We did it! Earlier this week we sent off all our papers down to Social Services! Now it’s just a matter of waiting for our social worker to get back from holidays (not happening for another week and a half) so he can process our papers and send them off to our agency! At that point we’ll be sending down a cheque to the agency.

I’m not sure how long the papers will stay at Social Services, it kind of depends how much paperwork has piled up on our social workers desk in the month that he’s been gone (I’m assuming a fair amount). But at this point we no longer have any control and it’s all up to God! Which is both exciting and scary. 🙂 If you could prayer for our paperwork to get process quickly and smoothly that would be great!

with love,

P.S. My apologies that the blog has been so quiet lately, I’ve been working like a machine over at Once Was Lost, we’ve had so many new products lately, not to mention a brand new site and blog!

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