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Adoption Resources

Online Adoption Resources

It seems fitting to me that November is Adoption Awareness Month, it’s pretty much all that’s been on my mind lately anyway.

Today I just wanted to share some of my favorite online adoption resources and information.

Why You Cannot Hold My Daughter by Lauren at Mercy Ink – ** a great one for anyone we know to read, it’s the sort of post I’ve been meaning to write, and maybe I’ll get a chance in the near future, but in case I don’t, please read this
How to be The Village by Jen Hatmaker – love this article, only Jen can cover such a heavy topic with such humor, this is probably my favorite quote from the article, but it’s Jen, it’s so hard to pick just one (I can sooo relate to the hormones!).

Saying nothing is the opposite bad. I realize with blogs like this one, you can get skittish on how to talk to a crazed adopting Mama without getting under her paper-thin skin or inadvertently offending her. I get it. (We try hard not to act so hypersensitive. Just imagine that we are paper-pregnant with similar hormones surging through our bodies making us cry at Subaru commercials just like the 7-month preggo sitting next to us. And look at all this weight we’ve gained. See?) But acting like we’re not adopting or struggling or waiting or hoping or grieving is not helpful either. If I was pregnant with a baby in my belly, and no one ever asked how I was feeling or how much longer or is his nursery ready or can we plan a shower, I would have to audition new friend candidates immediately. 

10 Things to do Before Starting the International Adoption Process by Lindsy at Light Breaks Forth

Empowered to Connect
Recommended Reading for Parents with Kids From Hard Places
 once again by Lindsy at Light Breaks Forth
Best Book for Adoptive Parents by Rage Against the Minivan

Books That Teach Acceptance and Empathy
25 Adoption Books for Children
Some of my favorites: My Adopted Child by Kevin Leman and Spork by Kyo Maclear (Spork is more about biracial families but the lessons are great for everyone)

I don’t have any specific links here but I can’t write a list of adoption resources and not comment on the power of the adoptive community. Both online and offline. I have made countless friends online over the last few years who have been sources of inspiration and encouragement. If you are on Instagram you need to check out the #knittogetherbyadoption community that my friend Shala has created. Shala started out as an Instagram friend until I realized she was local! (For the record, that never happens, hardly any people live out here in the sticks) Obviously we then met up! And then there is the local adoption community I have gotten to know, let me tell you: these people are fantastic. I’ve made so many great friends, and it’s hard to think that if we had never started this process I probably never would have met this amazing ladies.

Do you have some favorite adoption resources you’d like to share?

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  1. Thanks for this awesome list! I’m pinning it for later, and checking out some of the “support” stuff now. that article by Jen Hatmaker is so so great!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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