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Here We Go!

Our Flight Path

It’s airplane day (as Raeca would say)! This afternoon we start our 36 hour journey from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Durban, South Africa. (Actually, if you count our travel to the airport and time spent waiting for our first flight it will be a 40 hour journey.)

We are set to arrive in Durban at 12:05pm (their local time) on Friday.

We are getting Budget to deliver a car to our B&B Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning Jared will drive us the 4 hours to Newcastle where we will get to meet Ephraim! Saturday and Sunday will be spent getting to know him. I’m not sure how much time we’ll have with him but I hope as much as possible.

Then, Monday morning we will be in court. I don’t have an exact time for that but I’m praying it’s early so we can get it over with!

A few things you could pray for in the next week:

* that we wouldn’t forget anything (this is really haunting me in my dreams)
* that we would make all our flights
* for good health while flying (and in country)
* safety as we drive to Newcastle (driving on the other side of the road while jet lagged has me a little concerned)
* our meeting and days spent with Ephraim, that he will like us and start to bond with us
* for court, that the judge will be in favor of the adoption
* for Ephraim as we take him from the only home he has ever known
* safety in the drive back down to Durban
* for all of us in the transition
* for good sleep, if we don’t sleep well I imagine the transition will be that much harder

Thank you for all your support and prayers!
We are so excited to finally be off to get our little guy!