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one month waiting

As of yesterday we have been on our agency’s wait list for a month. It seems all we are doing these days on the adoption front is waiting.

We are waiting for one more paper to arrive so we can send it down to Georgia and be officially completed with our dossier -the paper is a Canadian citizenship pre-approval, and it should be arriving this week or next week. From there we will send it down to the Ministry of Social Services in Regina and they will forward it on to our agency.

Other than that we are waiting for our referral. Based on the current rate of referrals from our agency it looks like we should get ours in late winter -but that’s not definite by any means.

Yesterday was also Father’s Day, I couldn’t help but think of our little one(s) across the world. Their day would have looked so very different from ours. And it makes me anxious for the day that we can celebrate Father’s Day together.

I wanted to take a couple of photos of Rae yesterday to document one month of waiting. She had a little trouble figuring out the one . . . 🙂

 with love,

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  1. Waiting is always hard. For me, it gets worse once we have a proposal. I remember worrying when we were waiting for Raina to come home and one Sunday morning during worship service the picture on the overhead was that of Jesus cuddling a little girl close to him. He spoke to me and said “don’t worry. I’m holding her. She’s safe.” I have that picture and will always treasure it as God’s reminder to me that he looks after our children no matter where they are.

    1. I believe it will get harder after the proposal. That’s one reason I’m glad we didn’t specify gender. That way I can’t start working on his or her room until after -it will give me a little something to keep occupied.
      I love that Jesus spoke to you, so comforting.

  2. Oh girl. I can only imagine how hard the wait is… And well be joining you soon!
    Praying for your adorable family… Jesus consecrate their hearts to you all the more as they wait on your perfect timing.
    Gorgeous pics by the way!

    1. Thanks Emily! I saw that you are looking into fostering to adopt, so cool. I’ll be following you!

  3. Chantel! I know the wait it hard! Keep pressing on!!! It is so worth it!! I am excited to see this adventure unfold for your family!!

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