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an adoption update – when no news isn’t good news

It’s mid-month so I wanted to give you guys a bit of an adoption update but if I was being honest, I don’t even know what to tell you.

If you are at all involved in the DRC adoption world you will know that a couple of weeks ago the United States slowed down adoptions occurring from the DRC. They are adding on an additional wait of about 3-6 months at the end of the adoption process. It is my understanding that they are making sure to thoroughly investigate the orphan status of the children being adopted.

That is currently just happening in the US but as any Canadian knows, what happens in the US will soon happen in Canada.

Right now it feels like we are just sitting on pins and needles waiting for Canada make make some kind of announcement. There is a good chance they will follow suit with the Americans but there is also a good chance that they could shut down adoptions to the DRC completely.

So there is a little bit of an adoption update. Hopefully we’ll get some encouraging news soon. In the meantime we’d appreciate it if you prayed for us and all the other families currently working with the DRC.

with love,

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  1. While I sincerely dread the thought of Canada and the US shutting down international adoptions, I can’t disagree with taking a couple more months to thoroughly investigate orphan status. Sadly ethics in adoption are often passed and this would be a step in the right direction. We absolutely must make sure we’re not separating a child from their birth relatives if they want to care for them. It’s hard being on the waiting end of course, but you want an ethical adoption at the end of the day.
    Praying for adoptions to continue and for you to get a referral soon!

    1. You are absolutely right Emily. Though I don’t understand why they have to do more investigating AFTER they have already referred these children out. In my mind they should be 100% certain of their orphan status before they are referring them to people. The whole system seems to be in need of some reworking.

  2. So sad that some organizations do this. Praying that everything will work out…praying for peace and strength as well.

    Love those photo books!

  3. You guys have been on my mind. Been praying for you and will continue to. Praying that God will give u peace in this uncertain time and give u direction as well in what to do while you wait!

    1. Thanks Denae, there has been a lot of stuff going on -much more than I’ve posted about here. We are in a bit of a tailspin right now.

  4. Oh dear 🙁 What a stressful time for you. I know how tough it is to have no news, to wait for countries, etc…

    I really think God loves your heart for orphans. We will be praying for direction and comfort.

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