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Ephraim Klassen

November 17th was court day.

We got to the home early and got to meet Tracy (the Newcastle social worker). Then the workers all said their goodbyes. One of them really teared up when she said goodbye to Ephraim, he’s been there since he came out of the hospital at 2 months old and you can tell he was special to her (and he liked her too), she gave us their email address and asked us to send lots of pictures (which you know there will be a lot of).

Then we were off! We went into the court building not knowing what to expect. We went through a metal detector and placed our bags on top of the scanner because of course it didn’t work, that’s so Africa. They took all our cameras except Robyn’s, she says they just seem to know when people are not from around there.

We sat in the waiting room for awhile waiting for the judge to show, when he did he took Robyn and Tracy to his office. They were there for about 20 minutes while we sat and waited. Finally at 9:25 they called the other couple we were with in. About 10 minutes later they returned with their son!

Then it was our turn, we went in and the judge asked us to read over a paper (with our personal information) and showed us where to sign on three copies, which we did. Then the judge signed, dated and wrote the time:

9:40 am
that’s when Ephraim became our son

The judge continued to sign a couple more papers and made sure everything was spelled correctly then he thanked Robyn and us for helping to give families to their children. And it was done.

We stopped to get some gas in the car and then back down to Durban we went.

The drive back was stunningly gorgeous, it was something I missed in the nervousness of Saturday morning, the Newcastle landscape is just breathtaking. As we got closer to Durban it was more grasslands and hills, it kind of reminded me of English country or even southern Alberta.

The kids were both great on the way back, Rae had a good nap and Ephraim had 2! It felt great driving back with both of our kids in the backseat.

Court Day

this photo got a comment on my Facebook page about the carseat not being safe because it’s not a 5 point harness, for the record, we are in South Africa and this is the carseat we were given with our car rental, with as many kids as we’ve seen sitting in the front seat with no seat belts on I’m just impressed it’s as good as this! glad I got that out of my system 🙂

Court Day

two kids!