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A Day at the Lake | Martins Lake, Saskatchewan

the drive: Petrofka Bridge over the North Saskatchewan River

Friday was a day off for Jared and we decided to try and do some fishing (fun fact: I have never caught a fish, each year I hope this is the year I finally do). This was our second day trip of the summer (our first being the lighthouse at Cochin). When we got to the lake we realized all the docks were private, so there was no where for us to fish. Boo.

So we drove a few more kilometers away to nearby Martins Lake (good thing Saskatchewan has 100,000 lakes!) and decided to just let Raeca play at the beach for awhile. She had a blast. It may not have been the day we were planning for but it was still a good one. Plus I think it was the first time our temperature reached into the 30’s (Celsius) this summer.

we took a little detour and saw this beautiful church in Marcelin

apparently a bear was sighted in the area, you know that always makes the time at the lake more exciting

so this string thing actually moves, when I got home I discovered it’s actually a parasite called nematomorpha

we stopped in at a service station/50’s dinner/antique collection so of course I had to take a bunch of photos

What did you do on the weekend?

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  1. um EWWWWWWWWWWWW parasite. ew. ew. ew.
    but that slide in the water – SO FUN!! gah, that looks great.
    sounds like y’all had a great time on the trip and made the best out of each day!! (and that service station = so cool!)

  2. So fun! We vacationed with my sister and her husband in the Hudson River Valley… so pretty and rural, just like your shots. It’s so hard to come back to the city after that. It looks like you guys had a blast!

    1. We really did. We are so blessed to have so many different lakes around. Within the span of 2 hours of driving we could go to hundreds of different lakes, it’s definitely becoming one of my favorite things about summer!

  3. “Saskatchewan has 100,000 lakes” – This is so, so cool! I don’t know of anywhere in the states that has anything close to that. Add this to my list of reasons why Canada always impresses me 🙂

    This looks + sounds like such a lovely family day. The little dinner you came across is adorable + I love the details!

  4. Wow! It is so beautiful there! I had no idea. What is the climate like there, do you get a nice blend of all 4 seasons?

    1. Well, we get all 4 seasons but winter is much too long for my liking! Winter from at least November-March (often October-April) and it’s common to have weeks that are -40 or colder. But I do love the summers here 🙂

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