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26 things before 27

Lists of things to do before one’s next birthday are all the rage these days. I’ve been making them for years but have always been afraid to make them public for fear of the humiliation I will feel when I fail to check off each item on my list. But I today I am facing my fears and sharing with you my list of things to complete before I turn 27.
** side note: I keep thinking I’m 27 right now so I think I’m just going with it and then I’ll be pleasantly surprised in May.

  1. get our referral (oh boy do I hope this happens before my birthday)
  2. read 10 books (any suggestions?)
  3. travel somewhere new (this probably won’t happen)
  4. start a missional living community (anyone want to join me??) or maybe just start living missional myself
  5. start or join an orphan ministry
  6. learn to wrap pretty gifts
  7. help someone begin the adoption process (if you have questions, I’ll answer them!)
  8. photograph my everyday life
  9. dare to dream (probably the easiest item on the list)
  10. bake a cake from scratch (doubtful this will actually happen)
  11. watch a play
  12. learn a new art form
  13. become a mentor
  14. find a mentor
  15. develop the rolls of film I have sitting in my desk drawer
  16. go thrifting with a friend
  17. have a picnic
  18. get our fence built
  19. say “no” more
  20. help my grandma organize her photos (I’ve been promising her this for years, it’s about time I did it)
  21. create 2010, 2011 and 2012 photo books (any companies you would recommend?)
  22. potty train Raeca
  23. go on a date with Jared (one that doesn’t involve grocery shopping)
  24. complete some of the DIY projects on my list
  25. give a presentation on our trip to Uganda
  26. learn some French (it is the official language of the DRC)

I am doubtful that I will complete everything on this list but even if I just do half I know it will be an awesome year. If you can help me complete any of these items let me know!

Do you make lists every year? (mental lists are lists too!) What’s on your list?

with love,

P.S. One of the items on my list is actually almost done already:

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  1. Baking a cake from scratch is easy, fun and tastes good! I lge dine it only a few times as I hardly have time, box cakes take me a few minutes, and I bake one every month.

    Wrapping gifts takes time, but one you get the hang of it, its like riding a bike.
    if you would like, you and Rae could meet me and the kids at the park fir a picnic and I could help you wrap a gift.
    Tissue paper males pretty gift wrapping and is easy to make nice looking, with a gental hand.

    and for French, id go to a teachers store or something like that and pick up a children’s fresh/English flash cards. you’ll need to teach him or her English.

  2. This is a great list! =D I wish you the best of luck with the French. It made me think of the two years I took in high school. To this day I only know how to introduce myself and various words for different foods. Yeah… not sure how great of an investment that all was. Can’t wait to see all your adoption and mentoring goals happen! =D

    1. Haha, yeah . . . right now I can only say butter and pencil in French. I’ve got a LONG way to go!

  3. THis is such an epic list, I LOVE it!! As for books, if you are looking for fiction, i’ve been LOVING Kate Morton books…they are SUCH page turners…my favorite 2 have been The Distant Hours and The Forgotten Garden. I also LOVE a biography I read on Hudson Taylor (missionary to China) about his love story with his wife Maria…so inspiriting! And I LOVE that you have a desire to live in a missional community. It has been the best decision my husband and I have made together (apart from getting married, haha!). You are so sweet! Love it….love Katie

    1. Oh yes, I got Forgotten Garden out of the library out of a recommendation from a friend and read that thick book in two days, it was awesome! I’ll have to check out the other books, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I often make big to do lists when my hubby is gone, it helps pass the time. I’m actually about to make him a photo book too, and I recently saw someone post about They look really nice. Good luck in crossing off that list, they look like fun goals. 🙂

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