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The Christmas That Was

Yeah, so that’s a pretty pathetic title but this Christmas is kind of the Christmas that was. There was a lot of sickness, overwhelm and exhaustion, it definitely wasn’t as exciting and restful as I had hoped.



+ Ephraim finished his medication for pneumonia just in time to celebrate Christmas.

+ we celebrated our immediate family Christmas on Christmas Eve and there were some awesome reactions from kids when they opened their presents, I’m glad I got it on video.

+ speaking of video, I intentionally filmed a number of different scenes from the week and am putting together a little Christmas week video. It’s nothing I will be sharing online but I think it will be nice to have to look back on in years to come. (Starting one of my 2020 goals early!)

+ unfortunately I felt under the weather on Christmas Eve and it just didn’t go away. Finally on Friday (the 27th) I went to the doctor and got some medication for bronchitis.

+ on Christmas Day we celebrated with my parents and brother, my Mom always has so many Pinterest Worthy things, this year she had the kids’ gifts set up like snowmen:



+ on Boxing Day we celebrated with Jared’s family. Unfortunately Raeca had sporadic fevers all Christmas Day and Boxing Day so she didn’t enjoy herself quite as much as we would have liked.

+ five years ago we were celebrating our first Christmas with Ephraim and I didn’t feel that sense of loss for another person like I do this year, as we celebrated with Buzz and Woody I thought a lot about their birth family not being able to celebrate with them.

+ I woke up at 4 this morning thanks to my bronchitis cough. Unfortunately, I seemed to have woken Buzz and even after I got my cough under control he still wouldn’t fall back asleep so I’ve been feeling extra worn down today.

+ this morning we had baptism at church and one of Raeca’s best friends got baptized which was so awesome to see. Rae has been asking to be baptized for a couple of years already, it’s hard as a parent to know when to let them. I grew up in a church where people didn’t get baptized until they were at least 16, I don’t know if there was a rule or not but people usually got baptized around the time they graduated from high school. I was not thinking about baptism at all when I was nine so this is new territory for me. I know she doesn’t have to be a perfect person before being baptized but I had been waiting to see a little more fruit before saying yes and I feel like I have really seen evidence of that fruit the last couple of months so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up getting baptized this year.

+ I finished my Bible reading plan early, which means I read the entire Bible in 85 days! I ended up finding a schedule on YouVersion that I followed but it was kind of a terrible plan, it often said to read all of a chapter except the last few verses and then would have those verses for the next day, I don’t know why it wouldn’t have just put the whole chapter on the day. It was weird that way. But if you want to read the Bible in 90 days like was my original goal you just need to average 14 chapters a day. This was my first time ever reading through the entire Bible and so it’s a big accomplishment. I enjoyed reading through it so quickly but it was quite a daily time commitment. For 2020 I think I’ll try to read through again but at a slower pace this time.



Buzz was listing the Paw Patrol pups: “Rubble . . . Zuma . . . Mima . . .”
(Mima is what the kids call my mom. 😂)


Can this next week be a week where no one is sick?

Sorry for the downer tone of this post! How was your Christmas?

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