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My Life Vision Statement

My Life Vision Statement and How It Affects The Decisions I Make

I have been working lately at coming up with my life vision statement, inspired by the book Organized Simplicity and this post by Whitney. I didn’t get my vision statement as concise as I would like it and I am sure it will change and evolve over the next few years (because had I made one a few years ago it would have looked completely different). But for now my life vision statement is as follows . . .

I aim to bring glory to Christ in all I do by:

* investing in family and friends
* loving and serving in my community
* living simply
* being a life long learner

So how does that look in real life? I took some time to expand on each of my points a little.


* being intentional with making time for family and friends
* having a home that is open and welcoming
* making sure to not over commit myself
* take time to cultivate deep relationships
* loving unconditionally


* getting to know my neighbors
* supporting local businesses
* motivating others
* advocating for justice


* growing what we can
* buying and living with less


* reading lots
* being friends with people from around the world and taking the time to learn about their country
* exploring the world around me and afar

Making my life vision statement was really easy because I know what I value and the dreams I want to accomplish, creating one for our family has proven to be a bit harder because while Jared and I share the same core values we definitely differ in some ways, so we have not finalized a family vision statement.

I believe having this vision statement will be a huge help in life going forward, when opportunities arise I can just mentally check to see if they line up with my vision statement before agreeing or declining.

Do you have a life vision statement?
If so, I’d LOVE to hear it!

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  1. Straightforward, centered around one key, eternal goal–I like it! My little vision statement for years has been really simple “I want to be missed”–to me, with the life I’ve lived which has involved lots of moving, that means a lot for the way I live, because I’ve known both people who are missable and those who aren’t, and I want to be the first type.

  2. Love this! Every single one spoke to me in different ways. I love how these really ignite vision to your values, goals and dreams. What a great focus and direction for life, all Christ-centered!

  3. I’ve never thought about having a lifelong vision statement but I like that you wrote you invest in friends and family by not over committing. It took me a long time to get to a place where I didn’t feel like I needed to be everything for everyone. Instead, I focus on those closest to me and nurture those relationships. Being stretched too thin can damage the best and most important relationships over time.

  4. This is great! I am sure it is time consuming to sit down and think all of that out–and write it down, but it seems like a very worthwhile endeavor. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Also, I think it would be really special to share with your daughter and future children when they’re older as a great example of living intentionally!

    1. It surprisingly didn’t take me too long, since I was just doing a personal one I started by writing down the things that are important to me and tried to figure out what all went together. I’d love to read yours if you write one out!

  5. Wow. I really need to sit down and evaluate my life like this too — I have so many things I want to do, I end up spread all over and out of energy before I’ve even realized what my priorities are. And over-committing? Me to a tee.

    Great post! Bookmarked for further inspiration!

  6. What a great idea! We have a very broad, vague sounding family vision, for the same reason you mentioned. Same core values, very different ways of approaching it. Stick to the core values and work out from there. I love what you’ve written!

  7. I love this! It’s always so inspiring to read other people’s vision statements because it encourages me to intentionally live my life too. Mine is still a work in progress, but this is good inspiration. 🙂

  8. I love this so much!! If my life ever settles enough for me to think about this in my own world, I will definitely do one and link back here. Thanks for inspiring me. <3

  9. I think these are amazing for a life vision statement! What a wonderful post. I’ll have to think about what mine would be as well.

  10. I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you so much! You’ve inspired me to make a life mission statement of my own. I really like the statement on your picture: how it affects the decisions I make. It’s great to understand where you want to go in life and it helps define who you are and what you want to be.

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