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2022 favorites

In the last year I have enjoyed sporadically making lists of favorites (only one of which is documented on this blog, the others were elsewhere).

For 2023 I want to share either monthly or seasonal lists of favorites but first I think we need to recap my favorites from 2022.

It’s a short but very random list.


First of all, I started 2022 off well: with a juicer! I couldn’t even tell you the exact one I have off hand. I just know it was one that had decent reviews on Amazon and I bought it when it was on sale. Living somewhere where there isn’t much for good fruits and vegetables in the cold months I thought this would be good for my health and I have really enjoyed it. It feels good to get some extra vitamins in my body this way.

Surprisingly, the entire family has been in on this so I always make enough for everyone to have some. This means it is a bit more expensive so our usual go-to juice is cheap: apples, carrots and half a lemon. But every now and then we’ll try some others. Anything with pear is fantastic.


I’ve never had the greenest of thumbs but I’ve found something to help me out this year: this Marine Phytoplankton plant food. It turns out, if you give your plants food they actually do better. Every time my dragon tree is looking a little sad I give it some of this and it perks right back up. (You can kind of see it in the background of the photo above.)


Homemade peanut butter = game changer. This year I started making my own peanut butter – just toss peanuts into the Vitamix and a few minutes later you have the best tasting peanut butter I’ve ever had. I cannot go back. If we have bananas in the house I have at least one banana with peanut butter every day.


Daily walks were a staple in 2022 and that’s continuing because they’ve been fabulous. 99% of the time I go with Jared and it’s been so great for our marriage to have that time to check in with each other during the day, especially when we’ve had littles in the house.


My two membership sites: my homeschool membership and my bookish Patreon. I have loved the communities that have formed in each of those spaces and I honestly love creating content for them!

What were some of your favorite things from 2022?

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