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Instagram Break - playing games

taking an Instagram break

Last week I suddenly decided I needed to take a little break from Instagram. I was just feeling hamster wheel-ish inside, so Wednesday afternoon I decided Friday would be my last day on for two weeks and I instantly felt lighter.

It’s funny because I didn’t even do anything actually different other than decide to do something different and it had such a major effect.

In the past when I’ve taken breaks from Instagram they’ve usually been about a month or longer so two weeks is relatively short but I’m hoping it will give me some time to rest, get some other things done and break some habits I had been forming.

I think working in different social media breaks either on a scheduled basis or an as-needed basis is really good for me and I’m glad I was able to realize that’s what needed to happen. I look forward to sharing a few insights after I’m done (I’ll probably share them on the podcast).

Have you ever taken social media breaks? Do you do it on a regular basis? I would love to hear!

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