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The Week in Review – Volume Five

This was not an easy week.

At 6:00 Saturday morning a child woke up soaked in pee, while I was bathing said child another child plopped outside the bathroom door complaining of a headache/fever, that feeling of overwhelm when you have two kids that need you to do two different things at the same time pretty much sums up how I felt this entire week.

Also, the month ended and I didn’t finish sharing all my adoption awareness posts, I’ll continue sharing them every now and then even though the official adoption awareness month is over.



+ while last week was unusually warm, this week we got a bunch of snow and it looks like winter out there again (as it should at this time of year). I enjoyed curling up with a blanket in front of the fireplace after the kids were in bed.

+ Buzz and Woody’s social worker was supposed to come check on them for the first time on Wednesday but she never showed (or sent a message). I only heard from her the next day after I emailed her.  I had thought about foster care for years and what always kept me away was how broken the system was. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I realized it’s not the kids’ fault the system is broken, we’re in this for them.

+ speaking about Buzz and Woody, they had another visit this week and have another one planned for next week!


What We've Been Reading in Our Home and Homeschool Lately


+ my main read for the week was Tramp for the Lord, it was so incredibly fitting for this season of life. If you want to see what else I read in November you can check it out here.

+ Thursday evening Jared and I officially finished our last foster care training! *insert happy dance* The training was on FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and it was incredibly informative. I learned a lot.

+ also on Thursday I had my last women’s Bible study, I loved the study these last two months and am sad it is over. Unfortunately this week’s Bible study wasn’t quite as relaxing as normal as Buzz peed himself in the middle of it so I had to go get him clean clothes from the van . . . pee seems to be one of the major themes for this week. #yayparenting

+ Saturday was mostly spent trying to get Raeca comfortable as she had the highest fever she’s ever had. We were supposed to go to a foster care Christmas party that night but she was down and neither Jared nor I wanted to go alone with the three boys.



+ Ephraim went to a friend’s house one afternoon and the friend’s mom texted me this conversation:

Friend: “You’ll never guess what I got for my birthday!”
Ephraim: “If it’s a real light saber, I’m in! If it’s a super dog that skates, I’m out!”

Where does he come up with this stuff?!


That’s another week in the books! While the theme of this last week may have been pee it looks like this coming week’s theme is going to be fevers and honestly, I think I’d rather have the pee.

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