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currently {november edition}

spending the day with my little family

planning a diy series on homemade Christmas gifts

watching Last Man Standing and wishing they wouldn’t have changed up the oldest daughter, last season was better

hoping to get a lot done today

praying for my friend’s little baby boy to grow, he was born just last month and has already had heart surgery (would love if you would join me in praying for him)

loving all the subbing days I have been getting lately

noticing I’ve lost my ability to listen, need to work on getting that back

wanting a cup of sweet hot chocolate

listening to Peace on Earth by Casting Crowns

needing to start taking more photos of me and my little girl together

creating even more Christmas crafts

smiling over all the good news many of my friends have been getting in the last few weeks

with love,

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  1. What’s your friend’s baby’s name? Would love to pray for him and his family.
    Looking forward to your DIY series, and yes, I need to get more photos of me and the boys as well…
    Ronnie xo

  2. just read your guest post on Hope Engaged and i’m so glad I found you. your words were really challenging and encouraging and I’m so excited to have found another awesome Christian woman blogger. can’t wait to keep reading!

  3. I’m feeling the Christmas vibe for sure =) Looking forward to the series, and I will be praying for your friend’s little boy.

    1. Thanks Natalie! I actually just heard that he came home yesterday! Though he still needs to gain some weight so prayers are definitely still appreciated.

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