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Thirty-Four Birthday Goals

Well, today I turn another year older.

I’m not really big on birthday celebrations. I usually like pick what I want to eat and go on a bit of a local-ish adventure. Other than that I often spend the few weeks leading up to my birthday thinking of goals for the next year.

Back when I turned twenty-six (a lifetime ago!) I started making a list of goals based on my age. I like doing this larger list of goals because it forces me to be a bit creative and my list ends up including a number of quick and easy ones, some practical ones and some I need to work a little harder for.

You can see all my birthday goal lists here or you can see them separately: twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, then I didn’t share my goals for two years before starting back for thirty-three.


34 Birthday Goals While 34


I filmed my goals and some of the reasons behind them, or you can scroll down to read the goals.



#1 go on a home town tour

I was hoping to do this on my birthday but the weather forecast isn’t looking too great, so hopefully we can do this soon!


#2 write 12 poems


34 Birthday Goals While 34


#3 spend more time in the backyard

I mean, when your backyard is looking this good ^ everyone is going to want to be spending more time outside!


#4 thrift more home decor


#5 spend under $100 in books (for myself)

Uhh, this is definitely going to be a challenge, I may regret this goal already . . .


#6 have “low tech” days each month


#7 do some thrifted item redos

Years ago I spent a summer doing a bunch of furniture redos and now I’ve got Raeca on board, we’re going to start looking for some furniture and do some redos together. Here are some that I did about seven years ago:

Furniture Redo


Furniture Redo


Furniture Redo


Ha, this is the best before I could find of the dresser, excuse little Rae’s weird attire.

Furniture Redo


Furniture Redo


#8 get family photos done

Um, it’s been three years since our last ones so we are way overdue.


#9 thrift in different towns


#10 make pizza sauce from scratch

Let me know if you have a good recipe!


#11 shampoo the carpet


Art Journal - Mixed Media - Bible Journal Page


#12 do more artsy projects using the supplies I have

This will most likely be in the form of art journaling, canvases and/or card making.


#13 take an online class

I will most likely get a Skill Share membership for a few months or I may use Creative Bug since our library is currently (or maybe always?!) giving us free access to it.


#14 read through the Bible in 90 days again

I’m planning on doing this January-March, let me know if you want to join in!


#15 paint my bathroom door

Yeah . . . I may have gotten some hair dye on it . . .


#16 visit at least one ghost town


#17 read a poem a day for a month

Have any good poetry suggestions?


#18 eat less carbs/find lower carb alternatives

Also looking for some recipes here!


#19 make my own Lightroom presets


#20 go on a date with a kid each month

My kids, obviously.


#21 buy the majority of my clothes from thrift stores


#22 learn to watercolor flowers


#23 use the backyard lights


#24 make a video LUT


Bible Journaling Mother Culture


#25 start Bible journaling

I’ve actually been doing a bit of this in my Bible in the last few weeks and have been really loving it, it definitely works with the way my brain processes and stores information.


#26 find a hat that fits my small head

Where can I find one of these???


#27 buy a vlogging camera


#28 sew something useful from thrifted fabric


#29 draw a (very simple) cartoon version of me


#30 go on a trip that is not Alberta or Saskatchewan

Also, not Manitoba but do I really have to say that?


#31 set prayer reminders to go off throughout the day

I’m going to use my phone for this.


#32 figure out how to do a smokey eye


#33 learn about one new topic each month


#34 buy or make coasters


And there you have it! Those are my thirty-four goals for the year! If you have any way of helping me to achieve any of these goals, let me know.

Also, if you set goals for yourself each year and/or birthday goals I would love to hear it!

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  1. Happy birthday to you!! I like your old furniture re-dos and those would be fun to do with Raeca! And I definitely think you all should get new family photos…kids grow fast! 🙂 “Figure out how to do a smokey eye” now that’s a hard one. I’m pretty sure that’s just a magic trick. Not for normal humans. haha!

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