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Three Common Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals

This is the time of the year where the majority of the western world is thinking about setting goals for the new year.

Some people won’t set any goals, some will set some and actually reach them but the majority of people will set goals for themselves and then fail.

Why is it such a high percentage of people fail at their goals?


Three mistakes you are making that are causing you to fail at your goals. These common mistakes are stopping you from achieving your goals.


I have been thinking about this a lot lately and have realized there are three common mistakes people make, I have made each of these mistakes multiple times and it’s only now, years later that I am realizing why I failed.

Thankfully, with this knowledge I can now set better goals and actually have a chance of reaching them.

I have turned the three mistakes into a mini email course, you can sign up below and see if you’ve made one, two or all three mistakes and then learn from your error and set better goals in the future!


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