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Reading Goals Printables

For the last few years I’ve been setting some reading goals for myself.

This last year I wanted to track my goals better so I created some printables and it was really good to have that visual reminder of the goals I had set!

I had a request to share the printables I made, hence this post . . .


Reading Goals Free Printables


I did just recently do a recap of how my ten reading goals went from last year, you can check out that video here:



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Two of the goals I had made for myself last year were to read twelve non-fiction and five classics and I ended up blowing those goals out of the water, but wanted to share those printables with you.

On the flip side I also made one with twelve classics and five non-fiction in case that’s more your style.

Just click on the image to get the download file!

Reading Goals Free Printables Reading Goals Free Printables


Reading Goals Free Printables Reading Goals Free Printables


What kind of reading goals are you setting this year?

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  1. I have not written out my bookish goals per se but have decided what challenges I will be participating in, which is similar. I hope to get all my bookish goals into a post in the next day or two. I love watching your videos on YouTube!

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