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words for 2012

Each year I pick two words for the year. For 2011 my words were move & pray. I wanted prayer to be a first response instead of a last resort (I have a friend who has been such a good example in this area, I really admire her for it). I also wanted to stop just dreaming about doing things but to move and actually do them. Looking back on 2011 I think those words were perfect for the year, I’m pretty sure I prayed more this year than I have in my entire life and I finally started to take some action. While I have picked different words for 2012 I want 2011’s words to continue in my life as well.

The words I chose for 2012 are celebrate & create.

So often I am trying to be reserved and to contain my excitement -why? I want to be like King David, “skipping about and laughing with joy” (1 Chronicles 15:25-29), after all, he was a man after God’s own heart. It’s time for me to start celebrating. I want to celebrate holidays, birthdays, my family and friends, my marriage and second chances.

I enjoy creative outlets and for 2012 I want to exercise my creative muscles. I serve a creative God -the CREATOR, I know He can help me create beautiful works.

Do you have any words or resolutions for 2012?

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