Thank you so much for your interest in having me read your book! Because of the high volume of requests I receive I have created this page so you can know what to expect if you send me your book.

At this point I am only accepting physical ARCs and books for review. I know this will be a hinderance for some, I realize it can be expensive to send your book for it to get reviewed and in many ways I would love to accept ebooks, but I’m honestly not very good at reading them so if you send me the ebook I will probably never read it.

If you are interested in sending me a physical copy of your book, read on!

I read a wide variety of genres including: science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, middle grade, young adult, suspense, and Christian non-fiction. I do not read books in the following genres: romance (it is okay if a book has romance as a subplot but I don’t like it as the whole plot), horror or books with sexual content or political agendas.

February 2024 Update: As of right now I am only accepting physical copies of clean fantasy books. It’s what I’m in the mood to read right now and we are moving in a couple of months so I really only have time to be reading what I am interested in. If your book is in a different genre, check back this summer when I’ll open it up to other genres again.

If you’re still with me and feel like your book is one that I would enjoy you can send me the physical book and I will share it in a haul or unboxing on my YouTube channel when I receive it. It may also get featured in a TBR video as well. I am quite a mood reader so there’s no timeline on when I’ll read it.

If I read and enjoy the book I’ll share it in a reading wrap up. If I didn’t enjoy it I won’t share about it, I know a lot of work goes into writing and I don’t want to give negative feedback.

If you’re still interested in sending me your book, you can email me at: Please let me know that you have already read this page and send me a synopsis of your book.

Unfortunately, due to a large number of review requests, I am only able to reply to those whose books I feel like I will most likely enjoy and be able to promote

If I feel like the book will be a good fit I will get back to you with an address to send your book to. Once you have sent your book to me, keep an eye on my channel for when I unbox it, due to the high volume of requests I don’t have the time to email each person when I receive their book.