• Poured Out Podcast - We are Jared and Chantel. We chat about life, family, marriage and the love of Jesus through it all.

    it’s not about coffee (EP 1)

    So, Jared and I have officially launched our podcast! We’d love for you to listen/watch either via YouTube or via a podcast platform.

  • Craving Rest - Poured Out Podcast

    craving REST

    Welcome to podcast episode 3 where we talk about craving rest and solitude vs. isolation.  


    we’re selfish and aren’t in control

    Today I’ve got something different for you! I have Jared with me and we are talking about starting a podcast (of which this is maybe the beginning?), some (what I thought were) easy questions to get to know him (the resulting word for his personality: analytical) and we’re sharing a fostering update and what we have learned through our fostering journey.

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