The Best Homeschool Week We’ve Had in a Long Time

    Wow, what a difference once week can make! And I mean that in so many different ways. In the middle of last week I made the decision to officially switch to unschooling my kids. I know the term unschooling is a terrible name, it’s not really as hippie as it sounds, I promise. And it was like a weight was instantly lifted off my shoulders. We ended up having the best “homeschool week” we’ve had in a long time. Also, a week ago we were hanging out at one of our local museums where we have a membership and now they are all closed. A week ago many of our friends…


    Why I’ve Been Scared of Unschooling and Why We’re Officially Switching

    We are close to closing out on our fourth year homeschooling (!!!! How did that go so quickly?!) and it’s time to make some changes, officially. There are a variety of homeschool methods, including one I wish I could do but just doesn’t suit my personality and our life. For the past four years I have thought we were in the “eclectic spectrum” of homeschooling, pulling from a variety of different methods but there is one method we always default to. That method is unschooling. Now, before you start freaking out and thinking I am not going to teach my kids anything, let me just say that it isn’t how…