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Blackout Poetry – my new obsession

In the middle of February I was hitting the winter blues something hard (like every year) but it only lasted about a week and then things totally flipped and I felt like I had so much creative energy.

One of my recent creative obsessions is blackout poetry.

If you’ve never heard of blackout poetry it is where you take a page from something (a book, a newspaper, a magazine, etc.) and select a few words to highlight and blackout the rest.

I normally struggle with having to be creative in a box but for some reason this has been working for me. And I have loved the challenge of trying to make something out of the words I am limited to.


Blackout Poetry


I have mostly been pulling pages out of a book that I bought and later found out was missing about 50 pages.

I’ve been using it for other crafty projects for the last while and as of late, lots of blackout poetry.

I have done one attempt at doing this from a newspaper article but I put that page in my art journal, maybe I’ll show some pages from there in the near future.


Blackout Poetry


We only had one black marker in the entire house so I was using it sparingly and not blacking out the whole page, I think it give it an entirely different look and the jury is still out on whether or not I like it.


Blackout Poetry


The book that I have been using has a lot of creepiness to it and I feel like that comes out a lot in the words I have selected but I get excited when I can make my “poem” a happy one.


Blackout Poetry


This has become a bit of a creative exercise for the every day, I like to start my creative time with this because I feel like it gets my brain working in the right way and then I can go on to other creative projects from there.

I have been following Austin Kleon on Instagram recently and looking through a lot of the archives of his website and have felt very creatively inspired by him even though most of his art is very different than the kind that I like to create.


Blackout Poetry

I’ve even been getting the kids involved, Rae has been loving it. Ephraim and I did a collaboration and made the page on the left (below), there we pretty much did the opposite by cutting out words and gluing them onto a black page.

On the right side of the page (below) I finally got some new black markers but underestimated the juiciness so they bled into my words a bit.


Blackout Poetry


That’s one way I’ve been creative lately!

As a result of my rabbit trails of creativity I’ve made some big changes to this website (with more to come) and I am working on streamlining my online life so life is simpler and more intentional.

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