Blackout Poetry – my new obsession

    In the middle of February I was hitting the winter blues something hard (like every year) but it only lasted about a week and then things totally flipped and I felt like I had so much creative energy. One of my recent creative obsessions is blackout poetry. If you’ve never heard of blackout poetry it is where you take a page from something (a book, a newspaper, a magazine, etc.) and select a few words to highlight and blackout the rest. I normally struggle with having to be creative in a box but for some reason this has been working for me. And I have loved the challenge of trying…


    Ten Beginner Sewing Projects – Perfect for Tweens

    With winter approaching I find myself wanting to gather some sewing project ideas for my tween. She loves the idea of sewing and asks to do it often but, I’ll be honest here, I don’t let her do it very much. Part of the reason behind this is because she will often lose interest before she has completed the project and I don’t feel like I have extra time to help her start projects that aren’t going to get finished. So, I’ve specifically been hunting for super simple sewing projects that don’t take too long to complete. In this post I’ve tried to start with the easiest projects and as…

  • A Mixed Media Art Journal Page Process

    Art Journal Process / 002

    Last week I shared a flip through of my current art journalย (so far). I’ve done a page almost every day in February and today I wanted to show you the video process of one of my favorite pages in that journal!


    Recently in My Art Journal

    I’ve been consistently working in this art journal lately. It only takes 10-15 minutes per page and I’ve been loving how the pages are turning out. I love the minimalism, I love the cohesiveness, I love the quotes, I love it all!


    Customized Composition Notebooks

    A few weeks ago I bought a couple of new composition notebooks and decided to personalize them a bit. Raeca had a couple of primary composition notebooks and wanted to join me so I thought we’d video our process and share it here with you! The primary composition notebooks are nice because they have lines for writing on the bottom but the top half of the page is blank, the perfect space to draw a picture.   Materials used: composition notebook primary composition notebook acrylic paints How do you like to customize your homeschool supplies?