Art Supply Hack: Use This Instead of Paint Brushes

    Call me weird but I’m not a big fan of paint brushes. I enjoy abstract art and using paint brushes often makes everything feel too intentional and uniform. Years ago I came across this idea to use these simple objects instead. I love the effect it gives and I often find myself choosing to use these over the traditional paint brush. Check out the video to see what I like to use! Other materials used: sketchbook acrylic paints What are some of your favorite art supply hacks?

  • A quick and easy horse mixed media canvas with video.

    Horse Mixed Media Canvas

    I am so excited for 2017! 2016 held a lot of health woes for myself and I’m hoping this year I can get a handle on this thing. Anywho, I made this canvas a few weeks ago and recorded the process thinking I would add it to an online course on mixed media canvases but I decided to hold off on that course for now but still wanted to share the video. The supplies I used on this canvas include: 8 x 10 canvas acrylic paints cling wrap scrapbook paper (similar colors) Mod Podge gold Sharpie marker fine tip Sharpie lace hot glue gun & glue chevron stamp black stamp pad

  • Coloring with Baby Oil and Crayons - use these simple supplies to create a great watercolor effect.

    Coloring with Crayons and Baby Oil

    I love collecting art supplies. I mean, I love minimalism but books and craft supplies are my weaknesses. Big time. But, I don’t like spending a lot of money on art supplies. So, when I came across a way to use regular ol’ Crayola crayons in a more refined way, I was intrigued. Because, let’s face it, crayons make look any coloring look like you are three years old. But not with this method. It gives such a cool watercolor effect. This hack is so simple it seems like it shouldn’t work, but it totally does. All you need to do is color with crayons (pressing quite hard), dip a…


    Faux Marbled Nightstand

    A few months ago Jared picked up two identical nightstands. Rae needed one for her room and I figured it wouldn’t be long before Ephraim would need one too. They were in good shape but obviously needed some sprucing up. I found myself a little over loaded with projects so it took me a while to get going on Raeca’s nightstand. I finally started it a few weeks ago and painted it the same Coral Flower color as the cradle I painted a few months ago, and I knew that I wanted to do something about that top. I had seen people use marbled contact paper in some fun ways…


    Toilet Paper Roll Minions

    When I read the prompt When Pinterest Comes to Life on The Nectar Collective I originally thought I was going to make something much more . . . cool. I wasn’t exactly thinking I would be linking up a kids craft, but hey, why not! A few weeks ago Raeca asked if we could make a craft together (so sweet, love her), so I let her look at my with the kids board on Pinterest and once she saw these minions (or min-ee-ons like she calls them) she knew that’s what she wanted to make. Of course she needed to branch out and make a pink girl minion as well so we…


    Staining Over Paint – for that perfect antique finish

    I know I’m not the only one who has been loving redoing furniture lately. There is just something about taking a piece that looks boring, old, or plain ol’ ugly and giving it a new life. And the method I’m going to share today has been one of my favorites lately. I first heard about the stain over paint technique last summer. One of my neighbors messaged me one evening to come over and look at the project she had going on in her garage -an amazing chest that she got for free behind some cabin, score! (Just a note: it’s awesome to have a neighbor also into refinishing stuff,…