Homemade Taco Seasoning

    Next week marks one year since Jared’s diagnosis of celiac disease and just a couple of days ago I took Raeca to be tested for the same thing, hopefully we will get her results sometime this week. As a result of Jared’s diagnosis we’ve been reading labels much closer in the last year. And the more I’ve been reading packaging labels the more I’ve started to make homemade versions of many different staples, one of which has been taco seasoning. It’s one of those things that is so easy to make yourself, I always have all the different spices on hand for other recipes anyway, so it’s just a matter…

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    Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Donuts

    Jared and I have always enjoyed having friends over. When we were first married we lived in a house trailer with so much character (read: things wrong with it) and while we were thoroughly embarrassed of our dumpy little abode, it didn’t stop us from having people over. Even now, we live in a duplex which is beautiful, but doesn’t really have the space for hosting too many people and we still have our Bible study group over with 9-11 adults and a few kids, and on we still get together with our friends from highschool, the numbers have grown and we are currently up to 13 adults and just…

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    Lime Macarons

    Haha, so, just to be straight up here, I realize I should have titled this “wonky lime macarons”, we’ll chat more on that in a bit. When I saw the theme for this month’s Cooks in the Kitchen (hosted by Elah Tree & Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe) was limes I thought it was such a good ingredient because it’s not one I use often. I actually made some steaks this week with some lime in the marinade, intending for that to be my recipe to link up, but once they got off the BBQ we ate them right away, I was too excited about steak to take the time to…

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    Raspberry & Strawberry Smoothie

    Today I thought I would share a smoothie that has been my go-to for the last year or so. I’ve been meaning to share it for a long time and since I’m trying to work on my food photography skills I thought this would be a great “recipe” to do! I love making this smoothie on days that I work (I work very part time, usually one or two days a week, as a substitute teacher) and it usually lasts me until the kids go out for the first recess and helps me not feel starved all morning (since when I’m at home I can, and do, snack all day…

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    Eatmore Squares

    Wahoo, I’m so excited to be linking up with Cooks in the Kitchen today. Ever since Elah Tree and Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe announced this series at the beginning of the month I’ve been itching to get it on it. Now, please don’t get your hopes up, it’s not because I’m an awesome cook or baker. I’m not. I’m also one of the pickiest adults you will ever meet (superior taste buds I tell you). The actual reason I am so excited about this link up is because I’ve wanted to push myself to become better at food photography for quite sometime since I find it such a challenge. I…


    going gluten-free

    It’s been nearly two weeks since Jared was diagnosed with celiac disease and I thought I would share a little bit about what we’ve learned. First of all, the main offenders containing gluten are: wheat, barley and rye but they can hide in foods under other names like: starch, dextrose and glucose, maltodextrin, and malt extract -just to name a few. The first couple days after the diagnosis we did a huge purge. All the foods with gluten that I figured Raeca and I would eat on our own we banished to the basement, anything I didn’t think we would eat we gave away; breaded chicken, beef stock, some cereals, crackers,…