Signs and Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance in Children

    I wrote this post awhile ago and shared it elsewhere but I wanted to update it and share it on here. Since the original post we’ve also realized that Raeca is at a minimum lactose intolerant and possibly just straight up dairy sensitive. I’m planning on taking her to a naturopath in the next few months and getting a few tests done and doing some elimination diets so expect some updates in the future! (I’m also planning on getting myself tested too, I’ve been meaning to do that since my Crohn’s diagnosis to see if there are other foods I should avoid.) *     *     * Shortly after Jared was…

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    Living With Crohn’s For More Than 15 Years & Not Even Knowing It – Signs & Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

    I had actually written pretty much this exact post elsewhere last summer but I wanted to share about my health journey here as well so here’s part one. *   *   *   *   * About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, completely out of the blue. Okay, so it wasn’t totally out of the blue but I sure didn’t see it coming. Now that I’ve had over a year to come to terms with the diagnosis and think about it I’ve realized I’ve been having symptoms for more than fifteen years. Probably for more than half of my life. Today I want to share my…

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    The Best Gluten Free All -Purpose Flour

    Can one be a hippie without milling your own rice flour? Absolutely! Can one mill your own rice flour without feeling like a hippie? I don’t think so. Now, before you start getting all worried, you can totally just buy rice flour, you do not need to mill your own. But shortly after getting diagnosed with celiac Jared did some math and figured with the amount of GF flour we’d be using it would be cheaper for us to buy a good mill and mill our own rice flour. If you are interested in milling your own rice flour instead of buying it, we have this grain mill and I’d…

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    11 Tips For Adding More Plants into Your Diet

      Anyone else remember this line from Bambi: “Eating greens is a special treat, it gives long ears and great big feet.”? Well, I don’t want the long ears and great big feet but I am eating more greens so we’ll see what happens . . . Surprisingly I haven’t shared about this at all online but last year was a hard one for me physically. Long story very short, after a number of doctor, specialist appointments and a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in September. I’ll probably write out the whole story one of these days, for now the short version will do. Since September I’ve been…

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    Gluten Free Orzo Soup with Macaroni

    Even though we’ve been having nice weather for the last few days it sure is cooling off quickly in the evenings. Fall has arrived. One of my goals for this fall and winter is to make more soups. I’ve never been a big soup person but all of a sudden this year I have so many soup recipes I want to try. I got this orzo soup recipe from my mother-in-law years ago and we love it. But since Jared has been gluten free we’ve swapped out the gluten filled orzo noodles for gluten free macaroni, though I did find out today that there is such a thing as GF…

  • Tips on Raising a Gluten Free Child

    On Raising a Gluten Free Child

    It’s been a few months now since Raeca has joined Jared on the gluten free band wagon. I know I shared at the beginning of the summer that we were testing her for Celiac since it is hereditary and she was displaying some of the classic symptoms for it, but I don’t think I ever shared the results. A few days after getting the test done the doctor called to tell us that she tested negative. While some would think that would be a good diagnosis I was kind of disappointed* because I knew that gluten was indeed affecting her in a negative way and now we had no real “proof”…