40 Road Trip Conversation Starters for Couples

    I know I said I was going to share some posts on marriage this month and I plan on doing that soon but I thought I would start with an easy, fun post. Road trips are one of my favorite ways to travel (coming in second only to European train travel) and even though we have kids I have found road trips to be one of the best times for Jared and I to have some great conversations – some of our big life decisions have been discussed and decided on road trips! I hope to eventually share some road trip conversation starters that involve the whole family soon but…


    Monthly Scripture Writing Challenge: Love & Marriage

    Marriage is not a topic I have written a whole lot about, if you compare the amount of times I write about marriage versus the times I write about parenting you’ll see parenting is a much more written about topic. That’s not because I prefer parenting over marriage but because marriage has been quite easy compared to parenting and I guess I generally write about hard things (case in point). I thought I would change things up during the month of February and share a little about marriage, I currently have zero specific ideas on this so hopefully some come to me. But I am going to kick things off…