✨ HOW I EDIT MY VIDEOS ✨video editing for beginners ✨ b-roll, titles, editing, end screen and more!

I had a couple people comment on my last video that they would like to see how I edit my videos so here we go! I’m no professional so this tutorial is great for beginners and like to keep things simple (I use Filmora), so here is my editing process.    

💰 19 ways to MAKE MONEY as a SAHM 💰 legit streams of income you can make money from as a SAHM

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and love having multiple streams of income and different ways I can make money from home. Today I am sharing 19 ways you can make money as a stay at home mom (great for my fellow homeschool moms!), many of these ideas are things I do myself.    

YOUTUBE VS BLOGGING: should you start a YouTube channel or blog in 2020? Pros and Cons to both!

If you are wondering if you should start a YouTube channel or start a blog in 2020 or where you should invest your time, this video is for you! I share some of the pros and cons of starting a YouTube channel as well as starting a blog. Then I go in and tell you…