Decluttering Books – Minimalist Homeschooling

    In case you’ve missed it, we love books around here. I think the idea of being able to justify buying a bunch of books may have sparked my initial interest in homeschooling. I love seeing what other homeschooling families are up to, especially the novels and picture books they are reading as well as the encyclopedias and resource books they use. But it hit me lately that there are a number of books I’ve acquired because I like the idea of doing what other homeschooling families are doing but we will never actually use them in our homeschool. I follow a lot of Charlotte Mason homeschooling families on social media and love how…


    My No Spend Month – Lessons Learned And What I Spent Money On

      I love the idea of valuing experiences with the people I love more than valuing stuff and things but while I would say that, my personal spending has always showed that my actions do not back up my words. I have a lot of weaknesses when it comes to spending: dollar stores, stationary, art and craft supplies, books, thrift stores . . . all stuff that doesn’t cost much in the moment but when you start adding the purchases up it can get fairly expensive. So, a little over a month ago I decided to put myself on a spending freeze. The freeze was on my own personal spending,…


    Things I No Longer Buy – Resulting in Cheaper, Greener Living

      Two sidenotes before we begin: One: This post is going to sound like it was sponsored by Norwex, it’s not. I just seriously love their stuff. I’ve actually thought about selling their products because I’m constantly raving about them but for right now I’ll just continue sounding like a spokesperson for the company. Two: I wrote a post with this title two years ago but a number of things have changed so instead of just updating the old post I decided to write a completely new one. Over the last five years or so I’ve really been making an effort to live a life of less, I don’t think…


    I Took My Kids’ Toys Away – And Here’s What Happened

    A few weeks ago I was sick of constantly picking up toys (or asking the kids to pick up toys) so I made the decision to put their toys away and see what would happen. I may be considered a bit of an extremist – my methods usually fall under the all or nothing categories. So, in the morning I told the kids we would be putting their toys in the storage room for a little while, this wasn’t said out of anger or anything, I just explained that I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all the toy clutter and asked if they were sick of cleaning up all the…


    What Minimalism Means to Our Family

      If you’ve been following me for any length of time you would know that minimalism is something I have been slowly working to over the last few years. I’ve noticed that a house filled with clutter overwhelms me, I can’t focus on anything else when my house is in a disarray. Having less stuff in my house helps me be able to breathe deeper, relax more fully and be able to enjoy my family more. I’ve even noticed it being helpful with my children, who don’t realize it yet but also get overwhelmed by the burden of too much. If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last few…


    Simplifying Our Homeschool Schedule – Minimalist Homeschooling

    In the beginning of December I started to realize our homeschool schedule was not working very well for us. I would plan our day and rarely would we get to it all. It wasn’t because I was planning a whole lot in the day, but every time I mentioned what we were going to do next it would be met with groaning (with the exception of poetry tea time, that is always met with cheers). Math, which Raeca has always enjoyed, became something she dreaded. I hated that they were hating it so it was time to switch things up. (Major pro to homeschooling: flexibility!) At one point I came…