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Free to Learn – A Free Instagram Book Club for Homeschooling Moms

I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning, both teaching my kids to be lifelong learners and making sure I am one myself.

In order to really push myself I decided to start a book club earlier this year. I wanted to read more classics so I shared about it on our community Facebook page and ended up having so many ladies interested that I ended up starting two book clubs!

Then at the beginning of the summer I joined a book club with the ladies through our church (we are reading Messy Beautiful Friendship).

As if that wasn’t enough, I asked on Instagram if any other homeschool moms wanted to do a book club with Free to Learn and the response I got back was: yes!

Four book clubs it is!

I’ve never read Free to Learn but I’ve been hearing some really great things about it!

About Free to Learn from Amazon:

A brave, counterintuitive proposal for freeing our children from the shackles of the curiosity-killing institution we call school, Free to Learn suggests that it’s time to stop asking what’s wrong with our children, and start asking what’s wrong with the system. It shows how we can act—both as parents and as members of society—to improve children’s lives and to promote their happiness and learning.

While I will be changing the format of the book club in the future, for this first one I’ll just be hosting it over on Instagram.

If you want to join the Free to Learn book club just let me know on this post and I’ll tag you every book club night during August so you can join the discussion.

The Free to Learn book club will run for the five Wednesday evenings in August; I’ll post a few questions and some favorite quotes over on Instagram and we can have our book club discussion in the comments. Come with some thoughts on the chapter and some of your favorite quotes.

Here’s the schedule for the book club:

August 2nd – Prologue, Chapter 1 & Chapter 2
August 9th – Chapter 3 & Chapter 4
August 16th – Chapter 5 & Chapter 6
August 23rd – Chapter 7 & Chapter 8
August 30th – Chapter 9 & Chapter 10

Once again, if you want to join the Free to Learn book club just let me know here.

And you if you have any book ideas for future book clubs, let me know!

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